Tom Verducci Breaks Down Manuel’s Gaffs

The talk today is going to center around some of Charlie Manuel's managerial decisions.  We love the guy, but it's worth pointing out some of his curious moves from last night.

Tom Verducci of, who appropriately critiques a game- unlike Gregg Doyel, does a very good job listing them.

• Here's the real killer: eighth inning, runner at second, no outs, tie game. Jimmy Rollins at bat. The Phillies must get the runner to third base. Does Manuel bunt? Of course not. He trusts his players to get hits. I swear to you I said this as Rollins stepped in: "He has to bunt because Rollins hits way too many pop-ups." (Rollins has popped out an incredible 22 percent of the time in his postseason career.) Rollins popped out.

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5 Responses

  1. I hate jimmy rollins! i mean the man flashed amazing leather on all but one play last night! but the man has what??? 3 hits this post season…. and one is the single that was in the right field corner of the 9th on tuesday! A single to the wall how is that possible… and the other was a gift from cody ross’ horrible defense with that double off the wall!

  2. Jimmy was right – Adam u r a front runner …. Jimmy is not only to blame – fire the WHOLE DAMN TEAM, then…
    How many hits does Shane Vic have? Or how about UTLEY for that matter? How many RBI’s does Big Piece have? How many swings and misses does Francisco AND Chooch have ON THE EXACT SAME PITCH, in the SAME DAMN INNING as J-ROLL’S pop up? The fact that the WHOLE team takes perfect fast-ball called strikes right down the middle and put themselves in big holes to get nothing but fastball corner-nibblers and junk the rest of their at-bats is KILLING the WHOLE team….from Vic right on down to Chooch….

  3. Charlie has been getting out Charlied in this series. Usually he’s the guy who some how pushes all the right buttons but right now EVERYTHING Bouchy has done has worked. The Giants are clearly the better team right now but I still like our chances with Doc going tonight. Com’on Phils…bring this series back to CBP!
    Also, love the blog Kyle…always a fun read and lots of good stuff on here. Keep up the good work man.

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