Video: Phillies Fight Song, Phightins Up

Last week we showed you the awful rendition of Don't Stop Believing that one Giants fan put together. We put out a call to one-up that nonsense.  Today, we bring you Phightins Up, a takeoff on Trey Songz's Bottoms Up, courtesy of West Chester rapper "BK."

Let it be known that putting the words "West Chester" and "rapper" together was very difficult for me. However, BK, who is the great nephew of John Vukovich (for real), managed to get his video on SI's Hot Clicks yesterday.

It's got a little bit of everything: Phanatic, Chooch, ballgirls, and of course, Harry.

Plus, who doesn't want to see a square-headed Phanatic get felt up by hot girls?  If you haven't heard the original, I suggest you give it a listen first.

You be the judge.  Video after the jump.

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18 Responses

  1. Neeko’s Ill state of mind was filthy. Sorry, as much as I love my Phillies, this is absolute junk.
    How bout someone use’s a beat that doesn’t blow? I mean come on of all the songs you could rap over, you pick this? How bout some hometown Roots, or Young Gunz, or Freeway beats?
    Someone should spit to the “what we do is wrong” jaun by Freeway. That would be nasty.

  2. its catchy, I will give it that. but so emberrasing!!! Ugh, you know somewhere someone is going to use that against the Philly fanbase 🙁

  3. holy shit, just wow… i knew i shoulda finished my song. i actually know music haha and know how to make a song flow and what not and i was gonna remake the song deuces to aces for h2o and i just never got around to finishing it. god damnit y didnt i do that, now our city is gonna get judged from this crap. if they make the world series ill redeem our city and make a hell of a lot better song

  4. Finding stuff on YT:
    Quality is crap, but anything with The Boss is BOSS:

    Love the all-too-familiar tune, but the vid was made for the beginning of the season so there’s imagery from the 2010 Season:

    Corny but catchy:

    Vanilla acoustic folk-rock, but it’s original and not a farce of a tired old song from an ’80s cheese-rock band:

    Another catchy original, but it features too much of the band:


    That’s all for now, that last one made me lose my dinner. Gotta go clean-up before it becomes dog food.

  5. Well that is just horrible…please take this down before Ranger’s fans see it.HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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