Giants’ Playoff Anthem is Terrible

What.  The.  Hell.

The Giants’ official anthem for this- soon to be over- playoff run is “Don’t Stop Believing.”  Ah yes, so original.  Nothing says West Coast like a cheesy, artificial rallying gimmick.  [SF Weekly]

After being catapulted back into relevance byThe Sopranos‘ finale, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” was soon adopted by the Los Angeles Dodgers as a late-inning rally song. Hilariously, it turns out Journey singer Steve Perry is a Giants fan — and he hated this. “I really wish we’d have hijacked it first. I think the song is about hope and power, and it’s working for them, damn it,” he told the Chronicle

Well, in a way, the Giants have finally “hijacked” the song. But not a version Perry may enjoy. This version mentions a Rally Thong, after all.


Hilariously, this is an actual lyric: We’re here to win, but in case we lose, I’m purchasing a case of booze.  I guess the torture will never end, it goes on and on and on and on.

Can you feel that confidence?

And yeah, the rally thong worn by, the now drunk, Aubrey Huff, makes an appearance too.

Ok, we hereby put out an official call for Phillies fans to one-up this shit.  Ready, go!

Video after the jump.

H/T to Kevin Alexander for the heads up.



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  1. hahahahahahahaha, wow. me and my friends r actually making one right now, ill make sure its definately better than this crap

  2. is there something i’m not getting? if the singer is a fan why doesn’t he like that they’re using the song?

  3. “These last 3 or 4 years have been really hard.”
    You’re kidding me right? The Phils suffered through 28 years of mediocrity between World Series rings. The Royals haven’t been good since George Brett, and before Justin Verlander, the last thing Tigers fans had to cheer about was Ty Cobb. And let’s not even get started on those poor Red Sox fans, and worse yet, Cubs fans (God bless their souls).
    I don’t dislike the Giants, in fact I would probably call them my second favorite team, but holy shit do their fans need to stop whining.

  4. Another city happy just to have made the postseason. They have no real shot at winning anything but they’re too delusional to know it yet.

  5. Thanks. I just barfed-up one of my iron balls, and the rest of my lunch. But it’s OK. I’m working on my new binge-and-purge diet, tried-and-true method of the super-waif models.

  6. I made it to the 2 minute mark and could no longer subject myself to the pains of listening to this caterpillar eye-brow having dude.
    My favorite part though….-Just in case they lose…shit man, you guys are really giving up early…or just aware of what your about to go up against..

  7. Four things:
    – John McGraw is rolling in his grave.
    – Is anyone allowed to celebrate the Shot Heard ’round the World any more? New Yorkers should throw up at the thought of the Giants leaving the way they did and San Franciscans shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate the pre-move accomplishments of a cowardly team that abandoned their home city for a new city.
    – The Philadelphia Giants, a Negro league team that was very successful, is the highest ranking Wikipedia page on Google for the search term “Giants”.
    – Both ambishis8 and Nicole will be deported to Siberia for respectively creating and supporting “ILL STATE OF MIND”. Kyle Scott can decide whether or not they get hard labor or stoned due to his hatred of all things “ill”.
    I guess since Pat Burrell is awesome and Mike Sweeney loves to give out hugs, here’s a fifth thing:
    – The Giants are going to get so cuttered by Roy Halladay and the rest of the Phillies on Saturday that they might as well stay at home. The Reds wouldn’t have listened to you, but look at what happened to them.

  8. this is fan made…not really official
    its a very funny, tongue in cheek vid
    you people need to lighten up

  9. Adam O
    giants have never won a world series…their fans have plenty to whine about
    one thing sf fans have over phili though….SUPER BOWL RINGS AND ATTRACTIVE WOMEN

  10. Walt is definitely right. The Giants have not won a World Series since moving to San Francisco.
    While Walt is right about the Eagles not winning a Super Bowl (he apparently erroneously discounts NFL Championships though), his opinion on our women is most likely out of ignorance. Furthermore, he calls into question the effectiveness of the California education system. Take some grammar, capitalization, and spelling lessons before wasting our time. It’s a common courtesy that should at least be extended.

  11. “Walt Kovacs”. What a dweeb! Naming yourself after a pathetic character in the worst comic book ever to be published. You’ll just have to keep wankering-off until next year’s comicon, because there will be no celebratory wankering for you when the Giants lose the NLCS.
    PS: I’ll agree with you that it’s a “funny” video, but tongue-in-cheek? No, we’re laughing at him (and the rest of you Giants wankerers), not with him.
    PSS: Say goodnight to your girlfriend, AKA Ms. Right Hand.

  12. The worst part about the whole thing is. The actual song was the rally song for the 2005 Chicago Whitesox. Man this song just follows Aaron Rowand around every team he goes to. Steve Perry actually showed up for that one. My guess he will hide when he hears this.

  13. didnt watch it because apparently it is a parody of the worst song ever written. when will we realize journey sucks dickholes?

  14. you all just dont like it because you know we are going to winnnnnn!!!! hell yes GO GIANTS!! BLACK AND ORANGE TILL I DIE!!! Im sorry your teams fans cant be as creative as ours!

  15. all of you who posted on this page are a bunch of retards, if you dont like the giants why do you talk about them so much . looks like some people are getting scared of the giants from the best state in the usa

  16. OK, ekimbob crane, you can argue whether Phillies fans are or “arnt” creative ( ), but:
    1) We sure as shit are funner:
    2) We’re un-retarded enough to be able to follow basic grammar rules. Plus we have enough sense to get all our concrete responses and ideas into a single comment entry (a majority of the time).
    3) We don’t need to make up a song. You see, we’ve been here before, so we already have our song. It’s called “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang:

    It’s been used for the Original World Fucking Champion Phillies, years and years before the best part of you ran down the crack of your mama’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress. You retarded retard, ekimbob crane.

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