Would You Like to go to Today’s NLCS Game 3? Tickets Are Still Available

Don't stop believing– you can get tickets anytime you want in San Francisco!

As of the time of this post (it is 3:28 EST,12:38 PST), tickets are still available for Game 3 of the NLCS, which starts in exactly 51 minutes.

That's right folks, you can get a single seat in the first level or a pair in the upper-deck right from SanFranciscoGiants.com!

These aren't ones that were set aside either, they are still advertising packages on the site.

Nice fan base, San Francisco Giants.

H/T to Ashley for the heads up

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19 Responses

  1. Seriously? That’s so wrong! In Philly you have to sign up be put in a lottery to even have a chance at tickets, matter the day or time of day. Sheesh. Some fan base SF.

  2. Are you serious? Tickets still available? You have got to be kidding me. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

  3. I’ve been trying to get tickets for a while in SF… couldn’t get any, just tried now, still no luck. You must have been very lucky.

  4. What a joke! Nice find Ashley I can see work is treating you good haha. Love your baby brother.

  5. I’m out here in SF – these tix are actually reserved for player family member or celebrities.etc. If the players don’t use them by the day of the game they become available and people can get them day of the game.
    All games were sold out last week and standing room only are still up around $150 – SF fans still suck though
    Go Phils!

  6. @phil…. hey phil, just curious… does that sell out include the 2 sections in the upper deck near the left field foul pole that were covered in a hideous green tarp…. just wondering

  7. phil is wrong. these weren’t just turn-ins, the giants were advertising ticket packages and turn-ins typically don’t pop up in pairs int he second level. the giants even said “almost sell out”

  8. the green tarp was for auxiliary media i believe.
    phil- wasn’t trying to be a dick, btw, i thought the same thing at first, but it doesn’t appear that’s the case.

  9. Just because they were advertising the packages doesn’t mean the packages were even available any longer. And Tuesday’s game definitely ended up being sold out.

  10. Sorry to spoil the SF Fanbase-bashing, but :
    43,320 (104.2% full)
    Those were player tickets being released before the ballgame.

  11. Lol what a joke of a report. The games have been sold out as soon as tix became available. Do you really think a team that has averaged 3 million fans a year over last 5+ years with the crappy teams we’ve had wouldn’t sell out NLCS games? Seriously?
    The seats listed have been sold for every regular season game.
    Obviously those were released right before the game and were a fluke – or its a doctored picture.
    Tix were going for 3x face or more on ebay or from scalpers. You think people wouldn’t have snapped them up?
    And to the idiot who said seats in the upper deck were ‘tarped over’ – thats for the press retard. Do you really think a team that consistently sold out games all year would ‘tarp over’ seats in the playoffs?
    This is what philly fans have to stoop to in a lame attempt to talk smack? Pathetic.

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