8-Year-Old Boy Attacked at Browns Game, Philly Not Worst City on Earth

Just when the national media would like you to believe that Philly is the only city inhabited by bullies, shit like this happens.

An 8-year-old boy wearing a Jets jersey in Cleveland was attacked by Browns fans on Sunday. What exactly did they do to him?  Take it away, Mom:  [WEWS]

“Calling him a bad word, to my husband and to my son, throwing food at them,” Danielle said. She said the worst of it was in the Muni Lot, as they were walking to the car to leave.

“As he was walking, holding my son’s hand, a guy from behind tackled him. A drunken Browns fan tackled him and pulled him out of his dad’s hand. He was on the ground crying,” Danielle said.

She said the little boy’s ankle was scraped and bruised. The dad didn’t call police, opting to leave instead.

“He just wanted to get him out of there, out of that environment,” Danielle said.

Just horrible.  Many would argue that this is more horrible than puking, throwing snowballs at Santa, and running on the field in a Redman costume.  This stuff happens everywhere- we'll keep posting it.

What was the city's response?

The Muni Lot is operated by the City of Cleveland. Cleveland parks and recreation director Michael Cox told NewsChannel5 rowdy fan behavior, like this incident, is one of the reasons the lot no longer opens at 4 a.m. on game days. The city has been adding extra security to the lot because of some rowdy fans.

4 a.m.  Nice.

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19 Responses

  1. Trash. Cleveland (and Ohio in general) is already the armpit of the nation. It’s a shame I’ll have to travel there to visit the NFL Hall of Fame. I shutter just thinking about it.

  2. I was leaning woman as the beer throw looks awfully feminine to the watch and ring combo.
    The haircut also could work for the Brown butch female fans….either way its a great pic….

  3. That, um, person definitely could be featured on that “men who look like old lesbians” site.
    This may be the worst I’ve heard. I’m pretty sure Philly fans at least leave women and children out of it, except for Pukemon.

  4. Whoever did that to that kid ought to have the living heck stomped out of him. Who in the world attacks a KID like that???

  5. That’s a sin. The little boy was probably so excited to go to the game with his father and enjoy some father-son bonding, and instead the poor kid ends up hurt and probably badly traumatized. Trash. Pure trash. I would lose my mind if someone attacked my innocent little boy like that.
    Agree with John E. I bet if that happened in this city those guys would have gotten their asses kicked by on-lookers.

  6. If that happened to even my 16 yr old at a game, I would definitely have to be put in jail for damn near killing whoever did that to him….

  7. If that had happened to my 16 yr old son, let alone one of my younger kids (9 and 3 yr old, I would have been held in jail because I would have damn near killed that person….

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