Eagles Flash Cartoon Pisses Off Chicagoans

That, or they had nothing else to write about today…

The Eagles nailed it once again with their splash cartoon.  This week, they poked fun at the Chicago-based Blues Brothers.

Maggie Hendricks of NBCChicago.com calls it "blasphemy": [via NBCPhiladelphia.com]

They use our beloved movie, "Blues Brothers," as inspiration for a short cartoon that depicts the Eagles offensive stars getting tons of touchdowns, then shows our beloved quarterback Jay Cutler as a turkey.

Really, Philly? That's the route you want to go? We, of course, are far too classy to ever toy with their movie about that boxer, but class is not something Philadelphians are known for.

Yep, that's a link to a Santa booing story from 2005 about the incident that happened in 1968. Way to be creative, Maggie.  But you're right, the Eagles are just so classless with their cartoons about touchdowns… and turkeys.  

Touchdowns.  Turkeys.  

The horror.

Of course, Chicagoans would never be classless when talking about an upcoming opponent.

Oh wait.

And then there was that time Shane Victorino had a beer dumped on his head at Wrigley Field, but we're not going to start this pissing match.  Or are we…

Cartoon after the jump.  Auto-play alert!


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  1. E A G L E S…EAGLES ! ! Birds win 31-16…Bears are AVERAGE AT BEST…We will pick Cutler off atleast times…hes a low class Brett Farve when Brett was decent

  2. It’s not so easy coming to Soldier Field. Don’t be so cocky
    Eagles fans, remember the Stanley Cup you didn’t win, oh
    wait, that’s right – Chicago did!!!!!

  3. @ Bears Fan-
    For serious? Wow, it’s not like you guys walked out with the cup, and yeah Soldier field is tough. The only way you guys win this game is if a fog rolls in. I live in Chicago and can tell you I have yet to meet one Bears fan that thinks you guys can win.

  4. Unless you have Kane starting at QB and Toews at wide receiver, I don’t see the correlation of a Stanley Cup win and a NFL football game.

  5. Unless you have Kane starting at QB and Toews at wide receiver, I don’t see the correlation of a Stanley Cup win and a NFL football game.

  6. That was a bit of a tribute to Chicago that we worked with…they should be honored we wasted our time on them…. its creative and fun……..ha!

  7. I sincerely doubt actual Bears fans are offended by that – Chicago is like the Midwestern Philly, they can take a joke. It’s called gamesmanship and everybody does it. Didn’t New England post that ‘Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism’ video before they played The Bengals last year? (If you haven’t seen the vid, look it up on YouTube. It’s funny as hell).

  8. Turkey : noun – plural.
    4.Slang .
    a.a person or thing of little appeal; dud; loser.
    b.a naive, stupid, or inept person.
    c.a poor and unsuccessful theatrical production; flop.
    aka Jay Cutler

  9. That may be the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life. Does she get paid to write that? Oh my god. What a dumb ass. Hahahahah.

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