Oh yeah, I have a pseudo trench-coat and a porn stache.  Fightin' crime and gettin' digits.

Here we have a Movembered Carts, spotted in his natural habitat- Canada.  Just where in the world would he wear clothes from Harry Rosen, Canadia's self-proclaimed leading quality menswear retailer?  How about the Recess Lonunge in Old City (yeah that place next to the Ritz parking garage). From the fantastic HughE Dillion and his site

Last Saturday night at Recess a few Flyers partied inside including Jeff Carter, who came with a few Florida Panthers who the Flyers had just beaten a few hours earlier, 5-2. My source didn't know know the names but said [there were about six of them].

Yep, that was the night Carts signed a $58 million contract.  There is no doubt he was making it rain and icing bros next to the "waterfall by the bar, plush couches and velvet ropes" of Recess.  You stay classy, Carter.

Why post now?  Really we were just looking for an excuse to use more of these amazing photos from  I don't know who took them, but the dude should win a Pulitzer.  And maybe we should change this post to "Your Morning Harts," because here we have a lip-furred Scott Hartnell, spitting next to a frightened autograph seeker.


More awesome after the jump.  And details on our Scott Hartnell, 70's crime fighter Photoshop t-shirt giveaway contest.  Deep breath.


Somewhere, Chris Hansen is worried about this kid.


BOB and Bouche crossing the street.  What do you think they were talking about?  That's a BOB doesn't speak any English joke, btw.


In Soviet Russia, Broad cross you!



Now, the contest.  We're looking for Scott Hartnell and [insert sweet stache'd player of your choice] Photoshopped as a badass, 70's crime fighting duo.  The winner gets a FREE Sideshow Scottie t-shirt from Philly Phaithful.  You can send all submissions to