Beeker is ‘Bout to Get Benched, Flyers Film Verizon Ad at The Well

Beeker_benchedSource: Trentonian

Evan Turner hasn't exactly been lighting up the scoreboard of late.  He scored just one point in 19 minutes on Tuesday… and that might be enough to get Beeker benched:  [Philly Sports Daily]

“He’s not playing well right now,” Collins said. “When we dig ourselves a hole, I’ve got to go with somebody else. Minutes are precious. We’ve got a little pit bull over there wants to play.”

That would be second-year man Jodie Meeks…

“Evan is struggling to fit in with ‘Dre and Jrue,” Collins said. “He has not played his best basketball with that threesome. He’s just not comfortable off the ball right now. As a result, offensively, he becomes a standstill jump shooter, which is not the best part of his game.”


There you have it, Evan Turner could be benched for Jodie Meeks.  This Sixers season is off to a rousing start, yo.

Of course, perhaps Turner is timid playing with ball hog Iguodala.  Who would want to deal with this?

Meanwhile at The Well, crews were shooting a Verizon commercial.  I suppose they left out the AT&T Pavilion.

photo via (@ike_richman)


Danny Briere, Scott Hartnell, and Mike Richards were a part of it as well.  Commercial was a spoof on the Flyers going 82-0 and keeping beards throughout.



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  1. No question. Turner is a bust and a half. He is not athletic enough to play in the nba. Certainly not fast enough to play the point. And, he totally lacks the ability to intimidate. Met him once at a charity event and left with the impression that I could take his lunch money from him. Professional athletes need swagger and he simply lacks it.
    Turner has been exposed and most likely has little to no trade value. A great exit gift from Stefanski. Thanks!
    They should have commoditized the number 2 pick and found a way to blowup the team. I’m not a GM so I don’t have the answer, but Igyy + #2 for _________ or Brand + #2 for __________.
    Get excited about the Jodie Meeks era! He’s a pitbull! (Just hopes he stays away from a certain Eagle then).

  2. Anyone else struggling to see how Comcast (team and building owner) allowed Flyers’ players to film an ad for their biggest competitor, and in their own building?

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