Prior to the Eagles' first round playoff game last year, D-Jac took to the Tweets to trash talk the Cowboys.  Andy Reid didn't like it and it won't be happening this go-around for D-Jac.  [Philly.com]

"I don't know what a tweet is," Eagles coach Andy Reid said, "but that was a bad tweet."

Indeed, DeSean Jackson's trash-talking entry on Twitter, in which he proclaimed that the Eagles would "sting they ass" before last season's playoff game at Dallas, stung only the brash receiver and his team.

Heh.  Perhaps Reid didn't like the game face Tweets from a few weeks ago either.  After being scolded by Reid following the Bears game for his pre-game behavior, DeSean removed the Tweets. Of course, that didn't stop him from gettin' it in at this birthday party.  He told you it was jumpin' off the chain.

Fantastic video from our friend Weems of Where's Weems fame (?) shows DeSean Jackson goin' hard and Shady McCoy freestylin.

Game note: according to Tim McManus, Andy Reid said Asante Samuel's knee "didn't feel very good" today at practice.  It's questionable whether or not he'll go on Sunday.