DeSean Jackson Wants to Get Paid!

Desean_jackson_money just posted a story that says DeSean Jackson remains unhappy about his contract.  And guess who's to blame?  Drew Rosenhaus, baby.

DeSean Jackson is worried about getting a contract extension and allowing the situation to be a distraction, according to sources close to the Eagles wide receiver.

Jackson's preoccupation with negotiating a new deal and getting paid has been spurred by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, the sources said. One of the manifestations, they say, is that Jackson spends an inordinate amount of time texting with Rosenhaus during the Eagles' work day.


We're shocked.  

You mean when D-Jac said that it was all about winning, he wasn't be truthful?  The guy who Tweeted things like:

big ups to BIG BRO Len Weaver for gett'n that NEW Contract!! U paid n0w boi congrats.. I wanna be like u… LOL

I'm bout to move like the wind ya hear me!! On this trip to philly for couple days to handle some things get this bread…. 1 time

Had that good work out earlier I'm bac on ma shit now money is the moto


and rants like:

I wish I was in My city cali kingdom.. Westcoast wassup !! Congrats to My bro D Revis 32 guaranteed thats big bread… Lookn good buddy

Set the tables high for ya brah… I'm coming asap just know that… Gotta make it happen…

It's only right like big brO SNOOP!! SAY AND YA DO KNO THAT… NEPHEW



… isn't in it solely to bring a championship to Philadelphia?  How rude.

For realsies, for a sec.  Rosenhaus is a dick, and he's certainly not going to help a guy develop a "team player" attitude, but the texting comment makes it seems as though D-Jac does nothing other than text sweet-money-nothings to his agent all day long.  He has kept his mouth shut (sans Twitter) for most of the season and seems to have developed a good rapport with Vick.  Some credit is due there.

What's interesting, is that his obvious desire to get his deserved money is permeating his attitude, at least to the point that the team has taken notice.  And that is not a good thing.

Then again, are we really surprised by this?  CHUUUUCH CHUUUUUZ


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  1. You have to realize this guy makes less than a mil per season…makes 800g’s this year and is scheduled to make 500g’s next year…and then Maclin is making like 12 times the amount he’s making. I’m usually one to tell any player whining about a contract to shut up and play but he’s the one guy with a legitimate complaint. A pro bowler making 800g’s this year and 500g’s next year? If he isnt a guy who has outperformed that deal then noone is. I mean its no wonder he’s short arming balls for fear of getting hit…if he has a career ending injury he has very little money in the bank (compared to other pro bowlers)…he’s one of the lowest paid players on the team. Throw him a bone and make him happy until the collective bargaining agreement is figured out and then extend him.

  2. The Birds need to get this straightened out ASAP. I have to admit, I’m with DJax on this. The organization at least needs to let him know that something will happen, that he is valued, and that they fully intend to give him what he’s worth.
    But until then (and it WILL happen), just keep playing DeSean, and STAY FOCUSED.

  3. I know this isnt the real world, its sports, but i interview for a job, knowing the financial range when i apply. I get the call and judging by the overall appeal of the job and my need for employment i accept or decline at the offer that is on the table. I go to work and I bust my tail to get noticed and bring positive attention to myself. I might bring up the fact that out perform everyone, but i wait knowing that we only have reviews for raises every 6 months or year or whatever. I might bitch and whine but i understand that at that end of the day i am paid what me as an employee was worth at that time. You have to take in to account a million factors, experience, the interview, economy and potential employee availability. Desean was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is he underpaid? Damn right but he should just shut up, stop tweeting and work til his contract is up. And i know my office job doesnt have trips to the IR and 250 pound linebackers trying to tackle me, but what about people that work in areas facing REAL danger, like cops and armored truck drivers? Cops make 30k a year if that and have to face crack heads and wanna be gangstas everyday. So desean and his “homeboy” should shut up and work! And next contract get OVERPAID to make up for the fact that he was underpaid, isnt that how this all works???

  4. Ryan, frankly I agree. The Eagles are going to unnecessarily piss off a star. However, I think the way D-Jac goes about it publicly (Twitter is very public) and the fact that it seems apparent to his team, well, that’s not the right way to do it.

  5. Adam your an idiot the guy has a legitiment argument, now he shouldnt be going public about these things. the only things i wanna hear a reciever tweet is to blame god for dropping a pass in the end zone

  6. “Real world” workers also typically don’t have guaranteed contracts. Sports is a whole different beast and each league has their own particulars. If he doesn’t like that, he should try puttin his degree from Cal at work, if he got one.

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