Ed Rendell Doesn’t Have a Seat and a Couple of Sightings

The Eagles didn't take to kindly to Ed Rendell's comments about a "Nation of Wussies."  NBC showed what happened to the Gov's seat.

Of course, most folks who criticize Joe Banner and Co. wind up floating in the river, sooo this is a win.

And guess who CSN cameras caught in the tunnel post-game?  You're going to have to get over the jump for that, but here's a hint: He's not standing at home plate anymore.

Ryan Howard and…. Kevin Eubanks!  I know, who cares, right?  Maybe if there was a little more on the field action to focus on, we wouldn't have pics of Jay Leno's guitarist.



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  1. better to get the bad game out the way now then in the playoffs. regroup rest them up against Dallas then come out ready to roll in the playoffs.

  2. yeah the ed rendell thing, HILARIOUS! Classic Philly! and as far as the game… the eagles definately feel for the trap game! I HATE HATE HATE Collinsworth but he put it best, it looked like an eagles preseason game! Vick played horrible, and the team as a whole has played one good quarter in the last 2 games(another collinsworth line referring to the 4th against the NYG) And what has happened to everybody’s favorite tweeter D-Jack???? Last 4 games he has 12 catches for 378 yards, 1 TD and 2 fumbles(1 lost), take away the dallas game’s 91 yd td and in 4 games he has 0 TDs, and 11 catches for 287 catches, 26 yds per catch(nice stat) but NO TD(except the dallas game and i am not counting the punt towards receiving, his true position)

  3. Has a team ever had this bad of a loss to this bad of a team this late in season…and then went on to a long playoff run (to Conf Title game at least)? I can’t think of any in recent memory.
    The only one I can think of that is close is 2 years ago when Eagles had that horrible loss at Wash in second to last game 10-3 and it looked like that eliminated them. And then the next week they blew out Dallas and had 4 other things happen to get them into the playoffs.

  4. All I can think of is that the Eagles already had this as a W in the record books and were looking ahead. It looks like it will be either GB or NYG in the first round (unless they both lose and TB can upset NO). The NYG scare me the most of the three….

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