He Said, She Said: Another Source Says D-Jac Isn’t Bothered by Contract

Desean_jackson_interview"Gettn it in, U do no that"

Yes!  Jeff McLane of the Inquirer has successfully started a controversy.

Yesterday, he reported that DeSean Jackson is bothered by his rookie contract and spends his time at the NovaCare Complex texting Drew Rosenhaus.

Our boy Tim McManus, who has the Eagles covered better than anyone else (ya digg?), has a source that says otherwise:

A source close to DeSean Jackson says reports that the star receiver is allowing his contract situation to become a distraction are “way off base.”

“He’s not focused on the contract,” the source said. “Whoever wrote that doesn’t know DeSean.”

There is that whole Tweeting about getting the "bread" thing,  but maybe DeSean is just carbo-loading.  Either way, we got a little diva-wide receiver fuss on our hands.

Good read at Philly Sports Daily.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think D-Jac is going to go off tomorrow night?  BTW, we'll be live blogging it right here.


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  1. I personally dont care if he’s mad about his contract, I think this dude should be paid, in 3 years hes made our offense and special teams very deadly. I think he’s gonna continue too put up numbers even if the money isnt going to be paid anytime soon.He’s not T.O. relax people.

  2. While I usually can’t stand when a guy appears to be worried about preserving himself for a new contract rather than doing whatever it takes to win, I sort of can understand DJac’s situation. If he gets another concussion, how many millions does he lose? And even though I hate it when he just goes to the ground to avoid contact, that’s the lesser of 2 evils than watching him try to pick up a few extra yards and then get hurt and miss a month.
    On a 3rd down though, he better stretch out for the 1st down. A few times this year he went down less than a yard short to avoid a hit, forcing them to punt or go for it on 4th down.
    But the fact that he is so concerned about concussions and is so undersized that he can’t really make plays in traffic over the middle, sort of underscores how he’s not really a #1 WR then and probably shouldn’t get the outrageous contract he’s preserving himself for. When I think of #1 WRs…I think of Rice, Irvin, TO, etc…guys who are explosive and can go over the middle and make a tough catch in traffic on 3rd down.

  3. Of course he’s not worried about his contract. He knows we’ll reward him with a nice deal in the off-season. Under the current rules of the collective bargaining agreement, the most we could really give him this season is like a 20-30% pay increase on his current deal. That’s it. He doesn’t have a choice. Look at Chris Johnson of the Titans. Top 3 RB, current salary $500k. When (or if) there is a new CBA in place, these guys who have outperformed their rookie deal’s will get their’s, but until then, they just have to perform and be patient.
    By the way, DeSean is going to go off tonight. I’m calling 150 and 2 td’s receiving, and another td rushing/returning. Write that down.

  4. SERIOUSLY who…is…she? I didn’t realize desean was in the picture until I was finished…reading the article.

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