Jody Shelley Receives a Two-Game Suspension


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  1. Personally I think Shelley shouldnt even be here in this town, Why is he here?….Because of the 2 goals he scored on us last year warrants him a spot on the team?.Im am not the hockey guru and I dont claim to know all but I love the Flyers, I know what I see and just gives my opinions and last night scared me…If we needed a tough guy why not go after Dustin Byfuglien?..Hes a true power forward and he can score, Naturally salary cap is a question but id rather have him than Jody, however that neither here no there now….Go Flyers!

  2. I’m not sure how Carcillo got 4 games (and the Caps get a 9 minute powerplay) for his “sucker punch” last year on a guy who wasn’t wearing gloves and who was willing to fight him, but Shelley (who has already been suspended this year) only gets 2 games for his sucker punch on a guy who WAS wearing gloves and WAS NOT ready to fight or even aware that it was coming.
    At the same time, I don’t care because Andrew Alberts is the worst defenseman ever and Jody Shelley being suspended means they can’t play him over Carcillo. I just think that if the NHL was interested in being consistent, this would’ve been at least 4 or 5, or on the flip side, Carcillo shouldn’t have gotten 4 as well as 27 minutes worth of penalties last year.

  3. CMD11B, Byfuglien got moved to defense by Atlanta. Shelley didn’t require trading to get him. They were looking for a 4th liner, and overpaid to get one. I don’t understand the move either, but Byfuglien would never have happened and isn’t really a good comparison here.
    Bottom line is Shelley sucks though. Good locker room guy, but I just don’t understand why he’s here at all, let alone for that price. They could have just kept Asham, not that I really wanted that either. Shelley’s taking a roster spot from someone who would be more useful and deserving (and cheaper).

  4. Shelley does need to go, I havent seen him win a fight yet this year and all he does is get suspended….that all equals no value to this team….. let him loose Homer.

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