As we told you yesterday, Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, and Jamie Foxx were at the Sixers game last night.  Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins were also in the house.

Vick got a standing ovation when he showed up with two minutes remaining in the third quarter (NBA ball, it only matters at the end).  He was showered with cheers and an MVP chant.  Full video is after the jump.

That's all well and good, but you know you would rather see him singing karaoke with the owner of Yakotori Boy.  We're told this was taken Wednesday night during another birthday gathering for his girlfriend, Kijaka Frink.  Win.


D-Jac was also at the Sixers game, just hours removed from a haircutthat's dat boss life, you do know that.  Of course, he was rooting for the Lakers.

Sitting courtside watchn my lake show play the 2nd home town Sixers!!


Photo of The Big Piece at the game, video of Vick's standing ovation, and a conversation he had with Donovan McNabb about his benching, after the jump.

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This video is completely made by Eric Snow gushing over him.  Our MVP, Michael Vick.

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