You knew this would happen- the folks in New York are not happy.

The Yankees official response to the deal?

Anybody who would leave $50 million on the table [more like $30 million] obviously doesn't want to pitch in New York.  Thank God we found out in time.


Sure he does.  He just wants to do it in October with another team.

Andy Martino of the NY Daily News was quick to point out why it may have been a bad move by Lee to leave money on the table:

Instead of doing that, he will try to recreate his favorite memory. It is a nice narrative, even a noble impulse, but it is fraught with risk and potential disappointment. The Phillies are already altered from the team Lee joined in July 2009, when he was traded from Cleveland.

The Phils' lineup is reduced, due to age and attrition. Jayson Werth, Lee's good friend and the team's only righthanded power hitter, is gone, having decided to accept a Publishers Clearing House check for $126 million from the Washington Nationals. Infielders Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins are aging, and could not make it through last season without suffering serious and nagging injuries. This month, centerfielder Shane Victorino turned 30, the last Phils starter to cross the precarious boundary. Decline awaits in a few years, if not sooner.

Oh my God, Shane Victorino is 30!  Sky, falling.

They are all fair points, but get over it, Andy.  New Yorkers are butt-hurt that not one, but two pitchers in consecutive years chose Philly over New York.  For less money, mind you.

Feels good, right?

Some fan reaction from around baseball, courtesy of reader Joe, after the jump.

Logan Morrison of the Marlins?  He's not happy.


NSFW for the sensitive:

Braves Blog, Talking Chop, Username: sddbaker

"I'm pretty sure… We should all shoot ourselves and give up any hope of ever winning anything ever again. " 

Yankees Blog, Pinstripe Alley, Username: DougFunnie

"i'm scared now…" 

Rangers Blog, Lone Star Ball, Username: Rangersfan32

"I'll drink my own semen if Lee signs with the Phillies" 

Mets Blog, Amazin' Avenue, Username: JoshNY

"Oh for fuck's sake. As said above: FML. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Sorry for the swearing, but it’s been a really shitty night between this and a tight fantasy football playoff loss and assorted personal crap. So, fuck."