Roy Halladay in MLB 2K11 Commercial

Roy Halladay, who will grace the cover of MLB 2K11, appears in its first commercial.  So far, it's been on the MLB Network, however, the footage is from the 2010 game.

In the spot, Halladay is working on a perfect game against Nate McClouth at CBP.

Video after the jump.


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  1. The graphics were horrible for that game. Who would ever waste their money on a game with those graphics. I love Halladay, but will never buy a 2K game, they are just outmatched by MLB The Show in baseball and EA in almost every other game

  2. WRONG, JackRabbit – NBA2K puts the EA Live or Elite to shame in every aspect of the word…but in baseball, The Show reigns supreme, that game was one of the two ultimate factors for me getting a PS3 (the other is that the PS3 is superior in EVERY aspect….)

  3. after watching that commercial, the players don’t even look like the players, and Roy’s wind up don’t look right. Victorino looked like Gollum and Utley looked more like, I dunno, Jacoby Ellsbury?

  4. Good lord… The 2K graphics are so freaking horrible!!! Stick with The Show when it comes to baseball and EA for any other sports..

  5. so when this was made they must have been foreshadowing the future. Jayson Werth isn’t in the lineup!

  6. MLB 2K closed the gap a lot between itself and The Show with the last release. The Career mode of play in MLB 2K10 had a lot of playability without being boring or tedious, the commentary was far superior to The Show, and I liked the batting interface much better in 2k10.
    If they can improve on MLB 2k by making the animation more fluid and seamless that would be fantastic. I really hope they don’t change the pitching to button mashing either. I hate games that just have you mashing buttons.

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