Texans Saddened Over Kristen Lee’s Affinity for Philly Transit

Kristen_leeNodding approval

That brings the total number of supporters for our aging rail systems to… [calculating]… [still calculating]… one.

The more we learn about why Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies, the more we realize just how damn influential his wife is.

Thanks to reader Tom for sending along this story from the Star-Telegram, which basically just regurgitates what Kristen told reporters last week in Philly- quotes we missed in chaos of CP Lee.

She prefers Philadelphia for the cultural opportunities and the dining, she said.

But mostly — she really likes the trains.

Kristen Lee wanted her husband to return to the Phillies because of "how easy it is to get from point A to point B" in Philadelphia, she was quoted as saying by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Phillies play three miles from City Hall. The stadium is a $1.85 ride from downtown on the Broad Street Line, plus a three-block walk.

Arlington has a train from Dallas and Fort Worth. Barely.

The Trinity Railway Express skirts the north edge of Arlington and stops six miles from the stadium.

So everybody drives. And waits in traffic.

She's also happy to be a 11/2-hour train ride away from road games in New York or Washington.

"We liked the easy travel on a train for our kids to other cities," Kristen Lee was quoted.


I'll tell you what, I would not want to mess with Kristen Lee.

It's also funny to read how butt-hurt Texans are, as they lick their wounds and bloviate their introspective insecurities about their city's commuter rail system.  They also really don't like to write in paragraphs.

Of course, none of this is news.  Our source, last Tuesday– before Kristen ever spoke to reporters.

They are happy because they can get a house down at the Jersey shore for Kristen and the kids to stay in, and they like that they are only a short train ride from other big cities.

And that comes five days after ESPN confirmed our report that the Phillies were determined to not let $5 million come between them and the Lees.

I really don't know why you would go anywhere else for your Cliff Lee stalking.


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  1. So you spend all that money on a guy with no rings that lets his wife tell him where he can and cannot live.

  2. You mean like when the Yankees spent a gillion dollars on a fat slob with no rings? That’s right, it’s only OK if New York does it. My bad. I should know my role I guess.

  3. NICKY! Which is it that causes you to troll? Not signing Cliff Lee or the humiliating loss the Eagles handed to the New Jersey Giants?
    Typical, skidmarked yankee fan logic… if he doesn’t sign with us he automatically sucks.

  4. Hey Nick a little mad cause noone wants to play for your team anymore even though you got the most money. Maybe its your disgusting fans who spit on women or the fact your city is terrible and smells like Albert Haynesworth foot after a game. Fuck You and The Crankees, Get Aids and Die.

  5. NICK SWISHER IS A CLOWN! Posting on all of the Philly boards and calling all of us clowns, in his last line. You’re such a loser dude. Get over it!

  6. nick swisher is still mad, and “spend all that money” as i recall the bankees were willing to spend like 150-170m on “a guy with no rings” by the name of oh yes, the very same cliff lee we signed for 30-50m dollars less. you were prolly one of the fans who spit on her and not to mention new york is a sleezy wannabe great town anyways.

  7. Nick Swisher is a lifeless troll. Seriously dude, do you really have nothing else better to do? You’re calling people clowns when you’re the one who is a Yankee’s fan on a Phillies blog website? Regardless of anything you say, that fact alone makes you a complete tool satchel.

  8. To Nick Swisher,
    Better to spend it on Cliff Lee then a swarmy right fielder that whines about every called strike and has the face of a used car salesman.

  9. Eric, I think you meant “smarmy” — and I’m with you. Nick Swisher (the actual baseball player, not this random guy who keeps commenting on Phillies-related articles, though he may also be similar, given his attitude) is the scheevy guy who thinks he’s hot stuff who hits on you at a bar and to whom you give a fake phone number. Also, if you look up “douchebag” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of his ugly mug.

  10. I love how the NY’ers are all like “how could anyone turn down playing and living in NY? The Big Apple….the mecca. what are you afraid to pitch there or something?”
    Please. It’s not like the life is all that glamorous. They play in the Bronx for chrissakes, which is like the Kensington of NYC (no offense). It’s not like Yankee stadium is in the middle of Times Square. Manhattan nightlife is a draw I guess if you are a famewhore like ARod. But not for the Lees, apparently.
    And unless he wanted to pay a ton of money for a postage stamp sized apartment/condo in the city proper, he’d be probably be forced to live in a cramped suburb where commuting and getting anywhere would be a pain in the sack.
    So they chose Philly…a smaller, more navigatable, manageable version of NYC with less douchebags.

  11. We in Philly are so happy to have Lee back. The Phillies did so well last year and all the talk was “if only we had Cliff Lee…” With Cliff back in Philly, (Back where he belongs) This will give Texas a chance to miss him, (like we did) and New york a chance to say “what if…”

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