The Phillies Are After Jeff Francoeur

The hot stove is heating up.  Several reports from the Winter Meetings say the Phillies are going after Jeff Francoeur.  Yep.

Ken Rosenthal Tweeted that the Phillies, Royals, and Rockies were all interested in Francoeur. There's a couple of teams you want to be mentioned with, right there.  The LA Times mentioned it as well.

Perhaps you'll remember Jeff's whining over the Phillies having three extra home games:

"That's just bull—-that's not really fair. That's just not fair."

I'll tell you what's not fair, the possibility of replacing Werth with a guy nicknamed "Frenchy."

Although, Charlie is confident he can "fix" Frenchy.

Can we just sign his wife?


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  1. I best remember Francoeur for grounding into an unassisted triple play turned by the legendary Eric Bruntlett!
    When one looks at the projected numbers Brown platooning with Francisco/Francoeur/Diaz, there’s a case to be made that it could not only be a suitable replacement of Werth but a better one. I don’t put too much stock in projections but still, a lot of people think Brown will have a nice season with the help of a platoon partner.

  2. I’d rather have Matt Diaz, if anything it would take care of anyone wanting to run on the field.

  3. Francoer seems to beat a platoon of Brown/Francisco at this point though. But yeah…going from Werth to Francoer. Quite a drop off. Then again Rube’s last few position player moves – Ibanez and Polanco, seemed to outperform my expectations, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. i’d rather drop from werth to francoeur for the fact that if we sign francoeur for 7 years, we wont be 40 by the time its over. there’s no one else better on the market right now, and the phillies need a righty in the lineup

  5. I like it. He is young, and hopefully Charlie can use him, Brown, and Fransisco has platoon players for the whole outfield, especially with Raul being in the last year of his contract, it would make a great addition to the ball club.

  6. No. This is a worst case scenerio. Come on Rube. Don’t do us dirty like that. We can’t lose Werth, and gain epic douche-nozzel “Frenchy” in the same off-season. Raul/Francisco Victorino Gload/Brown. Sign some shmuck of the street for a bat off the bench. Done.

  7. The Phillies are cheap! They let Werth walk but still pay a guy who can’t win a game like Cole Hammel all that money? Should of kept Werth and CLIFF LEE, shows they don’t care about winning!

  8. FanSince09- I want whatever you’re smoking because you are obviously high as a Georgia pine. The Phillies have a 150 million dollar payroll. Nowhere near cheap. We offered Cliff Lee the same deal we gave to Roy Halladay. If we kept Lee, we wouldn’t have gotten Doc. It wouldn’t have been possible. Get over it. To call them cheap because they don’t want to give a role player 126 million a year is just assanine. Werth is good, but he’s not THAT good. Washington is screwed. Good luck paying Zimmerman, Harper, and Strasburg in 2015 when Werth is raking 22 million for that season.

  9. HAHA! nice response MD10… FanSince09 shows what kind of fan they are! How can they appreciate where we are as a franchise now when they arent familiar with the time when Millwood was our Ace, and even when we thought Freddy Garcia was the answer to our playoff drought! I agree with just about everyones sentiment that werth is great on our team and is needed in our lefty line up. But the man is not worth THIS! He hasnt played 3 full years! And like MD10 said, good luck paying your younger up and coming players with this weight on your wallet!

  10. Im OK with it as long as the price is reasonable. He at least plays solid defense, which is pretty important with the rest of the firepower in the lineup. It really doubles or more the odds of getting a good everyday RF, since hes shown flashes in the past, and Francisco has a lot more talent/ability than he gets credit for. Add a potential Dom Brown breakout, and the RF position should be fine. Not to mention having Gload in the back pocket in case disaster strikes or anything.
    I really dont expect a full blown platoon, I just dont think they really exist over the course of a season, except maybe at catcher since they need the days off anyway. There should just always be one guy who is obviously playing better than the others and is a clear best option.

  11. Frenchy is a stiff. I would trade for Kris Benson’s wife Anna over Frency’s wife Catie.
    Jose Bautista is available. That’s a name that intrigues me.
    He is a right handed batting right fielder & is still arbitration eligible. He would be perfect behind Howard.

  12. Frenchy’s got an amazing arm — helluva defender — BUT he bats like .250. I’d be happier with him than DBrown, but it’d depend on the price.

  13. HAHAHA. Nobody understands FANSINCE09 an I LOVE IT. Welcome to the phillies blog world guys……

  14. We need to go after Magglio Ordóñez. Sure he’s 36, but he’s a great ball player. He’s the perfect right-handed right fielder to fit into the lineup.

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