The Prez Backs Vick

Obama_footballThis picture, it's oh so perfect

Make this two consecutive posts in which politicians are mentioned.

President Obama called Jeffrey Lurie to applaud him on giving Vick a second chance. [Philly Sports Daily]

Peter King reported on “Football Night in America” Sunday that Obama reached out to team president Jeffrey Lurie recently to applaud the owner for taking a chance on a convicted felon. According to King, the president noted that “a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences.

Rick Chandler, however, he doesn't like second chances.


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  1. “a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences.” liberal horse shit. I guess we should put a social program together so ex-cons could be given special treatment so they are not discriminated against by employers. Their lack of character and poor decision making skills is not there fault, it’s societies.

  2. /Angry Comment about the president whenever he’s shown or talked about!!!!! RARRRR!!!
    all commenters on every forum ever.

  3. My pops went to jail for a drug charge and raping my aunt. He didn’t get his job back when he got out.
    Half these hippy faggot racist goons on this site would have been shit talking Vick if he was on another team. Since he’s on yours you all act like you were behind him from day one and pat yourselves on your backs. When if the Redskins signed him you would have been still calling him the Dog Killing/Herpes having/Club shooting scumdick that he is

  4. ^so what? I care about winning, not about something vick did in the past. Similarly, I dislike george bush because he was a shitty president, not because he was an asshole trust fund baby in his past.

  5. If President Obama was actually interested in Vick and his second chance and the social relevance, he would have called Lurie eighteen months ago.

  6. I like Bret Favre’s Wrangler commercials better than the Presidents Dockers ads…..

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