Tucker Carlson Says Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed

Say whaaaaat?

Yeah, you read that right.  Last night, when talking about President Obama's call to Jeffrey Lurie, conservative Tucker Carlson (an insufferable douche) said that Michael Vick should have been executed for what he did to his dogs: [AOL Fanhouse]

"I'm a Christian, I've made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should've been executed for that. He wasn't, but the idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale."


Wow.  Let that percolate for a minute.

This is the same person who criticized George W. Bush for mocking a death row inmate, sent fake emails to the Daily News' Stu Bykofsky, and, in his twenties, beat up a gay guy.

Also ironic, is that the first ad that popped up for me upon visiting Carlson's website, The Daily Caller, was an NFL Shop ad for Michael Vick t-shirts.  Heh.  Now, I know all about contextual advertising, and while the ad I saw will likely not appear for others, that is some funny shit right there.


Get them before he's gone! Literally.

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  1. In some of the arguments of the vehemently anti-Vick people I always sensed a feeling that they value the lives of dogs more than they value the lives of poor people, especially poor people of color. Carlson is probably one of those people.

  2. That man should be castrated so he can not further pollute the rest of society…what the hell happens to these jack-wagons that turns them into such insufferable douche-nozzels?

  3. the sad thing is he’ll get praised for his “straight talk” by the insufferable douches that watch his show and eat that shit up.
    this isn’t about politics, it’s about stupidity. this is stupid. i’d love to hear the conversation where he explains his position to mike.
    tucker: hey mike, i just wanted to let you know that i would prefer it if you weren’t alive right now. i’m a christian and everyone knows the bible says fair punishment for killing dogs is execution, just like fair punishment for cheating on your husband is getting stoned to death. sorry!
    but he wouldn’t because he’s a fucking coward.

  4. This guy and all the Fox News people would say anything to make the President look bad…I bet you he doesn’t give a sh*t about what Vick did!

  5. RE: John E.
    I’m sorry but that is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever read. The minute anyone stands up for the dogs, which were murdered in horrific fashion, they are all of a sudden ignorant to poor minorities? People are allowed to be mad about what he did. I still am. At the same time, I respect the fact that he appears a changed man and has been a leader on the field. I respect that he’s doing all he’s supposed to be doing. But there are dog owners who really do care about them and you don’t soon forget the pain of what it was like to read and see photos of what Vick and his crew of thugs did to those dogs.

  6. The only crime I see here is this tool satchel’s hair piece. I mean if we’re REALLY going by this ass-hole’s standards, then he should have his skull roped off with police tape labled “CRIME SCENE”.

  7. Scotch Man, that’s fine, except they’re valuing the dog’s life over human life by wanting vick (who is indeed of the human race) dead. tucker isn’t the only person who’s ever spewed something like this. i have two dogs and i love animals and all, but they’re less than human. it’s so frustrating that we as a city and i guess as a country still have to have this discussion three years after the fact.

  8. you know, he was saying that for the reaction, but his point is valid. no one is trying to set an example with vick. they are all sending the wrong message to black youth by giving this guy all this money and fame. black youth already aren’t afraid of going to jail, now they see they can get calls praising them from the first black president? yeah this is going to end well

  9. If I were a Christian, I would forgive Carlson for these comments- because thats what real Christians are taught to do. But I’m not a Christian because of “Christians” like him.

  10. I’m a Christian & a conservative and I think that’s just idiotic. I usually like Fox News, but that’s just ridiculous.
    I love animals & think what Vick & his associates did was vile & despicable, but it’s categorically NOT the same as murdering a human being, nor should its punishment be the same as for murder.
    If Carlson wanted some media attention, he sure got it.

  11. blam, he spends almost every day off he has during the football season speaking at a local school about dog fighting and animal abuse. it’s not like this is all being unjustly given to him. he’s working at it and has and always will have detractors that he has to deal with. he brought it all on himself but at the very least he’s going through the motions (which means the motions are being gone through which is nothing but good) and at most he’s a genuinely changed person who is trying to make up for what he did and repay his debt to society. i guess it’s debatable which scenario this really is, but it’s not like he’s out getting into more trouble and is being praised for that. there’s a distinct difference.

  12. Re: Chris
    An important thing I left out of my initial post was that I found Tucker’s statement equally as moronic. I myself have found it in my heart to move on from what Vick has done and concentrate on what he is doing in the now, which is quite good. But it’s tough to just blow it off like it never happend too.

  13. @ blam- that’s as racist a statement as I’ve ever seen. Young black kids already aren’t afraid of going to jail? So every single little black kid is down with doing time? He did the maximum sentance for the crime’s he was charged with, but they haven’t made enough of an example of him?
    I’m not even going to elaborate any further. Think that over next time sonion.

  14. @Scotch Man – Just saying the argument that executing a person for killing an animal shows that person values animal life as much as or more than human life.
    When this story first broke a few black NFL players (probably speaking for hundreds more who were more media savvy not to say anything) basically said, ‘I don’t know why it’s such a big deal – it’s only a dog not a person.’ Clinton Portis was one I remember…a few others said something similar. Not that it justifies animal abuse, but when you grow up in a situation where people are dying all around you on a regular basis, it’s probably tough to work up too much outrage/empathy for dogs being killed. I also think in Vick’s case drugs/alcohol played a part in it. And some of the real heinous things he did were when he was probably under the influence and just didn’t give a damn.
    I do think there is a strong link between devaluing animal life and human life though and that’s the most disturbing part of all this for me. It’s apples and oranges to a degree, but the backup QB for the Eagles hunts and kills animals for kicks as a hobby. But those are the animals that are society has deemed acceptable to hunt and kill, so nobody cares.

  15. Why must we give these clowns the time of day when they stick their feet in their mouths?
    What’s worse is that you get the idiots that defend the clowns and sound more stupid than the original comment. People just need to let it go already and the way I see it, as a real Christian (unlike Mr. Media Pimp Tucker Carlson), no one is in any position to judge someone on their sins as they themselves have sinned in their life. Sorry to invoke religion into it but Tucker started it and few moron commenters had to keep it going.

  16. Is that really a Palin supporter? Chris, say it ain’t so man.
    I mean, I have no problem with republicans. I’m not a democrat or a republican. Seriously though, Sara Palin? That woman is dumber then a bag of bricks. How does no one else see this?

  17. To rephrase my previous statement, how do HER SUPPORTERS not see that she’s dumb as shit? Obviously, most people can see that, but it baffles me that people actually want her in a position of power.

  18. @vicks dog
    who’s ever really sorry unless they get caught? do you think that most of the murderers in our world today give a damn until the police find them? your point is invalid.
    and @blam
    what obama is trying to show by praising vick is that you can make mistakes in your life, everyone does, but that it doesn’t mean that your life has to be over because of one stupid thing you’ve done

  19. @md10 theres nothing racist about acknowledging the general mindset of a culture. perhaps i should have phrased it, “ghetto youth,” because affluent black youth are probably very much afraid of going to jail. would it be racist to say that enyce is a popular brand in black neighborhoods? or many lower class black families use food stamps? of course not. simply an acknowledgement
    @Chris yeah he spends his off days at high schools or whatever. what else do you think he would be doing? his agent told him something along the lines of, “if you ever want people to think about forgiving you, you better do this shit” and then he did it. and i acknowledge hes working really hard, but that doesnt change who he is. murdering dogs is not something that just goes away. once a cheater always a cheater, same with spouse and children abusers, and same with animal abusers. its all the same man.
    and thats perfectly fine that he did his time, but the president? come on. of all the people in the world to make a comment like that about, he couldnt have picked someone less controversial? maybe wait like 5 years. granted, the comment was probably drawn from him unwittingly, like, “so what do you think about us signing vick?” to which he replied, “…he got a second chance…is nice…” out of context and all that. but still

  20. ………If I were a Christian, I would forgive Carlson for these comments- because thats what real Christians are taught to do. But I’m not a Christian because of “Christians” like him.
    Posted by: mike | December 29, 2010 at 11:32 AM………
    Well put Mike.

  21. @T-man – a mistake? writing poop instead of pool is a mistake. putting on different shoes is a mistake. drowning dogs with your bare hands (among many other things) is not a mistake. at the LEAST its a life style. a disgusting, dyed in the wool lifestyle. and frankly yes his life as he knew it should have been over because of it

  22. md10, i’m not sure how my comment brought you to the conclusion that i’m a palin supporter other than sarcasm not translating well from my brain to a keyboard through the interwebs, but i’m the opposite of a palin supporter, i’m about as lefty as it gets.

  23. blam, i don’t want to sound like i’m defending anything he did, but i do think there’s a slight yet present difference between an animal abuser and a dog fighter. i think the difference is that vick had an objective in all this, which was money. i remember after it happened terrell owens getting asked about it, and his comments were somewhere along the lines of “i lived in the south, grew up around dogfighting and it’s really just a part of life” followed eventually by “i think he loved the dogs that won for him”. i don’t think you can say once an animal abuser always an animal abuser because for one, he has a lot of money riding on not fucking up again, so abusing animals would be stupid. on top of that, i think that growing up in a culture of dogfighting can be rehabilitated, just like growing up in a gang culture (which is honestly the only possible analogy i can come up with, but i think it’s accurate) can be rehabilitated.
    and if it can’t be? well, he paid his debt to society. we can’t expect more from him than what he’s already doing.
    as far as the president goes, i believe obama called lurie regarding the wind turbines and biodiesel plant they have plans for, and he touched on vick during the conversation. our culture and our media being what they are, everyone disregarded the exponentially more important issue of alternative energy and put the “obama congratulates the dog killer” aspect on blast.

  24. Ppl fail 2 understand the power of repentance. He has given up that lifestyle. He has confessed his crime and he has done his time. Im surprised that this douchebag who calls himself a christian doesnt believe in repentance. And if he can show me where in the bible it says that animal abusers should b executed ill eat his shit. And 4 all those discussing Palin please just dont mention her. As a republican it hurts me 2 hear her name cuz she gives us all a bad name

  25. Chris, he didnt have any money riding on anything. he didnt take any cut of the winnings, he completely bankrolled it. im sorry to say, but that point is moot.
    the only difference i could fathom between an animal abuser and a dog fighter is ultimate outcome. with dogfighting, one dog eventually dies, whereas an abused dog may die of natural causes before the abuse. its all about intent. in both cases, the intent is malicious. so when you remove profit from the intent, which can at least be understood to an extent(we all understand business), the only thing left is enjoyment. now ive heard he enjoyed killing the dogs, but i dont know how much of that is here say or gossip, but what other reason could he have for doing it? you’re never going to stop a drug addict from getting the dopamine rush from the drug because its biological. if he enjoyed killing the dogs theres nothing to be done.
    but about obama, which is what the article was about. the man has to watch his words at all times. very little of what a president says is by accident. clinton put congress through the wringer over the word “is” to make sure he said the right thing. for a president who is down in the polls for almost his entire term and fighting to keep seats in the senate and house of representatives, you’d think he’d steer clear of an issue like this.
    yes people should care more about the energy issues he addressed in his call, no question.

  26. I think that’s pure hearsay. Killing dogs and burying them in his backyard is concealing of evidence, not a rush. He had to get rid of them, and you can’t just take them to the SPCA to have them put down, so you kill them yourself. I guess. I hope this isn’t false equivocation but I don’t think he did anything any more heinous than what is done to pigs and cows that we eventually eat each night. The difference is dogs are middle america’s pets so there’s a stigma attached.
    As far as Obama goes, everything he says and does is carefully planned out for better or worse. I’m assuming the phone call with Lurie was announced by the White House after the fact, so they knew the contents of the conversation and intended for them to be public. And I think race comes into play right here. This is a broad generalization, but while many white people (including Fox News blowhard douchebags) may see that phone call as offensive and inappropriate, black people might largely see it as acknowledgment of making good on a second chance.

  27. What Tucker Carlson said is absolutely asinine BUT I hope Crossing Broad doesn’t make it a habit to link to super shitacular websites like the democratic underground and media matters. I don’t need to read liberal bias bs when I’m coming here to read about my favorite sports teams. Politics and sports do not mix.

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