Allen Iverson Doesn’t Want to be Put in the Rocking Chair Just Yet


Allen Iverson took to Twitter to tell his fans that he's not retiring.  Aggregated for your reading pleasure:  [with a minor edit]

An MRI has revealed a lesion that is in my right leg and pressing against the bone.  I am coming home for further examinations and possibly surgery.  I have never said anything about retirement [Retirement?  Not the game.  Retirement!] nor have I said goodbye to the game of basketball.  I love this game!  That is why I went all the way to Turkey to continue playing and once I get past this, my plan is to continue playing at the highest level possible.  So don't put me in my rocking chair just yet.  Hold on, I'll be back!  Stay tuned.


I'm going to go ahead and guess that a PR person wrote that, but The Answer's words.

We warned you about those Turkish reports.


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  1. It’s damn sad when a one-time elite professional athlete simply refuses to retire when the time has come. But then, I guess Allen has no choice but to keep on playing, I mean, what other skills does he have to sustain him and his lifestyle once he’s just too damn old to keep on playing? I pity the guy because his future looks awfully bleak once his playing days are over.

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