Eskin Rants on Halladay Part 2, We Rip Howard

Howard Eskin came on the radio today at 3 P.M. and continued with his rant on Roy Halladay, in which he calls out Doc for not talking to the media since the end of the season.

Here's the problem: He's wrong.

"He has not uttered one word since the end of the season."


Back in December, Halladay spoke about the Cliff Lee signing with Todd Zolecki. Before getting the "Todd writes for comment," know that the site is owned and operated by MLB Advanced Media, a completely separate entity from the Phillies that is the result of a joint venture between all 30 Major League teams. Todd is a reporter- not a team PR person. In fact, on his blog, Zolecki even detailed his efforts to get Halladay on the horn.

There's more. Patrick Berkery of points out that Halladay's agent spoke on the record (using Halladay's words) for a story Jerry Crasnick wrote on Lee.

Halladay also met with the media two days after the Phillies season ended. And was on Mike and Mike to talk about winning the Player's Choice Award for Outstanding Pitcher of the Year. And in this article about his fishing trip with Skeet Reese. And here he is talking about his Cy Young while on vacation in Mexico. And here he is on FOX Sports last week.

It gets worse. Eskin joked that perhaps his rant would force Halladay to speak with the media at next week's Philadelphia Sports Writer's Association Dinner, where he thought Halladay might receive his Cy Young Award. Wrong. Halladay received the Cy Young Award on Saturday in New York (right, um, here). He then… wait for it… spoke to a room full of reporters.

Keeping reading after the jump for the audio from today's radio rant.


"It's extremely humbling. It means a lot to myself and my family. I would like to thank my teammates and the city of Philadelphia. My wife says that I say it too much, but it really was a dream come true to play there this season. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."


Granted, some of these appearances were obligations. But the irony in seeing Halladay, not 48 hours earlier, stand in front of a room full of baseball writers is rather hard to miss.

It's not that Halladay hasn't spoken to reporters, the real issue is that Halladay hasn't spoken to Eskin. "King" basically said so when he told listeners that Halladay politely declined his interview request on Sunday.

I'm not hating Eskin just because it's the cool thing to do. In fact, despite his style, I generally think he has very good information. But before criticizing the guy who might be the city's most-beloved athlete (if he's number two, he's only behind the guy who pitches behind him in the rotation), Eskin and Ike Reese, who removed the marbles from mouth just in time to agree with his mentor, should have done their homework. Halladay has been more than available DURING THE OFFSEASON.

The worst part in all of this is that it wasn't an offhand comment, slipping an opinion into the public conscious. It was a calculated move that used a planned, two-minute television segment to needlessly rip Philly's blemish free star, all because the host was butt-hurt over being blanked on an interview request. Truth.

And then there's the Andy Reid hypocrisy.

Eskin is the biggest Reid apologist there is, even though Reid is notorious for giving the media nothing more than what is required of him. But, when confronted on the issue by a caller, Eskin quickly dismissed it. That's because Reid makes jokey-jokes with Howard. That's why.

Is Halladay the most accessible guy? No, he's not. Some players will be that way. But it's completely irresponsible for Eskin to lay into a guy based on claims that are totally inaccurate. 

In this case, Howard is the nitwit.

Here's the audio:

H/T to Amy for some of the links


36 Responses

  1. Eskin sounds like a baby that didn’t get his toy. It’s one thing to be mad that someone didn’t talk to you. It’s another to drag his name into the mud.

  2. I listen to Eskin’s comments and all I hear is waaah waaah waaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  3. Look at what Roy’s given us this past season. Why the hell are we gonna hop on his dick for not speaking to the media? Has Eskin seen Roy on camera? He looks pretty damn uncomfortable to me. Eskin needs to shut up.

  4. Halladay apologists are the new “Stepford wives.” Taylor’s point is well-taken–Halladay is shy and feels uncomfortable when talking about himself to the media. At least he’s not a vomit when dealing with the media, like Chase Utley.

  5. I hope Halladay does an interview with Missanelli just to stick it to the burger king. If I worked for 97.5 I’d be going through every connection I have trying to make that happen.
    That’s the type of stuff that would drive burger king nuts, and make him whine even more so.

  6. Right Howard. Halladay is such a douche because he doesn’t talk to the Philly media.
    He’s such a douche that when he left toronto he took out a full page ad thanking the city of Toronto for supporting him.
    What a selfish prick. How is it that Howard can get on Halladay for this but when Andy Reid give his cookie cutter “I have to put players in position to make plays” and “We have to do a better job there” and “He’s alright” statements when players go down with injuries (See Stew Bradley last year after the concussion) he gets a pass. But Halladay (who had 2 no hitters in a season and one IN THE FREAKING PLAYOFFS) doesn’t? What a moron.

  7. Somebody call the whambulance really eskin needs to change his tampon or
    take some midol for that bitchy attitude. If hes that uncomfortable lets make it
    worse by tearing him a new one about it on the air.

  8. actually I got a really nice mink coat from the Eskin Collection at Jacque Ferber

  9. Howard Eskin is a horses ass and always will be. He needs to shave that rat off his mug too. Shut up chump !

  10. Today’s rant was a fight with Ike Reese because Ike was questioning the Bear’s quarterback’s toughness. I don’t know how Ike can work with him. Then, when Ike didn’t back down on his opinion, Howard refused to talk anymore about it. What a jerk.

  11. Oh, Kyle – I love reading your stuff. I’m a Jays season ticket holder and have followed your site since our Doc became your Doc. Eskin – well everyone else here has said what he is, so I don’t need to repeat it. Doc is a class individual – enough said 🙂

  12. Dare I suggest that were Howard not such detestable asshat, perhaps Halladay (and others) might talk to him more?

  13. Those that can do. Those that can’t say shit about those that can. Eskin trashing Halladay is no different than Bruce Newman or Joe Sheehan. Doc has shown that he has more class in his pitching arm than any of these assclowns. Oh, and Bob “Thunder” Thornton wins this comment page. SAID.

  14. With all due respect – not that Eskin deserves any – Roy Halladay has far better and more important things to do than talk to the fucking media, especially a member that resembles the mascot of a burger joint.
    Go fuck yourself Howard. Uncle Cholly should have punched you in your douchebag goatee when he had the chance.

  15. As far as I am concerned, Halliday’s awesome pitching does all the talking for him!! Eskin, shut up already!! Halliday is under NO obligation to talk to you or other members of the media. I am sure there are other athletes who don’t like talking to reporters. Halliday is not the kind of guy who likes to talk about himself a lot, that’s all!! That makes Doc a very classy and humble guy with no ego, unlike you Howard!! Grow up already!

  16. I’m the only reason anyone listens to 610 anyway. The ratings take a nosedive at 3 everyday.

  17. Eskin, your big question you thought us fans need to know is how Roy feels about the rotation? Wooooo, big scoop there fella.

  18. PHILLY HATES ESKIN. Why the hell does he still have a job. I wanted to gag listening to that sh!t yesterday. It was disgusting.
    Lets start a petition. From the Philadelphians that require a higher stadard of sports radio, which they deserve

  19. Eskin’s a whining moron, a titanic fool and a blithering idiot! How this smacked ass still has listeners after all these years is a mystery to me! Like I give a rat’s behind if Roy talks to the media, all I care about is what he does on the mound, and given what I saw last season, that’s more than good enough for me. I can’t believe Eskin got his panties in a bunch over that. No, I take that back, this is the king of fools who believes that the world revolves around him. In any event, Eskin can eat shit and die for all I care!
    Yo, Ike! I’ll take a second mortgage out on my house and use the money to pay your bail if you’ll just haul off and punch Howard into next week!

  20. Eskin tried to get Halladay to allow an interview at a sold out autograph appearance. MAB, the promoter had a message posted on its web site indicating that posed photos would not be allowed in order to allow all of the autograph tickets to be redeemed within the time of the appearance. They were charging $149 and up for his autograph (again demand was so high they sold out so one must consider it to have been a reasonable market price). If I was paying that kind of money would I want the guy who was signing distracted by someone in the media? He wanted an interview in the “back room.” Say what??? Eskin should be able to come and go into a private event and have his agenda met? Eskin is all about Eskin.

  21. In summer of 2008, Eskin said the Phillies would never win a championship under the current management. That was the year they won the World Series.
    And that’s about all you need to know regarding Eskin’s “inside” knowledge. It just gets worse.
    At this point, he’s predictable, irrelevant, and downright boring. Certainly not worth listening to.

  22. 60 year old Eskin is a miserable old man….he only wishes he could be with 20 year old girls…..beard covers up pock marked skin…..eskin sends roses to young women and they end up dead …. time to retire you old man….you are the ultimate loser

  23. I believe everything published made a bunch of sense.
    But, think on this, what if you wrote a catchier title?
    I ain’t suggesting your information is not good, but suppose you added a post title that makes people desire more? I mean Eskin Rants on Halladay Part 2, We Rip Howard | Crossing Broad is a little vanilla. You could look at Yahoo’s front page and see
    how they create news headlines to grab viewers to open the links.
    You might try adding a video or a pic or two to get people excited about everything’ve got to say. Just my opinion, it would bring your website a little bit more interesting.

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