Video: Howard Eskin RIPS Roy Halladay

Oh boy. This isn't going to sit well.

Last night on Sports Final, Howard Eskin ripped Roy Halladay for not speaking to the media at yesterday's autograph signing in Valley Forge. He said that Halladay, who met Don Larsen at the event, didn't say hello to Cliff Lee and has refused to speak to reporters since the end of the season. That isn't even entirely true- Halladay spoke to Todd Zolecki in December.

What's also ironic is that if you scroll down a few posts, you'll see a picture of Halladay speaking to a room full of writers on Saturday night…

Eskin's bloviation contrasts a bit with the discussion we had with Ryan Lawrence, who said Halladay, when he does meet with the media, usually gives very thoughtful answers.

Doc has been in Clearwater getting ready for the season (and helping out pitching prospects no less) since December.

I'm all for holding players accountable for their responsibilities off the field, but I'm not sure I have ever heard someone say a bad word about Doc. This was not a smart move by Eskin.

It's also going to piss you off.

Video after the jump. Opine in the comments.

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109 Responses

  1. Eskin is a fuck. Stop dying your hair Howard, you’re 60 years old.
    Better question…since all of Philadelphia hates him, why is he still on the air?

  2. chris- it was actually amaro quoting doc, so i don’t think he did speak with anyone. doesn’t make this any more right though

  3. What a tool (Eskin, not Halladay) God forbid he doesn’t approach the media like Chris Pronger. I respect Halladay a lot for staying reserved, he’s humble. Even when he’s forced to talk he doesn’t bloat about himself.

  4. eskin you’re an uber douche. wait i think i might be a douche for using uber well after it’s 15 minutes of fame.

  5. I met Roy Halladay at the Phillies Phestival’s photo booth. He was kind, gave me a big smile, put his hand on my shoulder, etc. He was also letting kids sneak in for free autographs and joking with the volunteers. So I don’t know, let me think…maybe he likes his fans OK and just maybe he just doesn’t fell the need to yammer to media hounds constantly???

  6. Eskin is a fucking moron. He is just pissed because his eagles lost again. He is too stupid to know that halladay has spoken about the Cliff Lee deal, saying how excited he is to have him here but that would require a little bit of work on eskin’s part, like typing something into google. Howard, don’t try to turn the fans in this city against Roy Halladay because you wont win.

  7. Eskin – LOVES Andy Reid, but gripes about Doc Halladay. Hmm. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Howard Eskin.
    Does anyone still listen to him anymore?

  8. Howard Eskin is a jerk and just fills the air with his own unique brand of negativity so not surprising at all that he gives this commentary. Take it for what’s it’s worth and who it’s coming from! I just did.

  9. I respect Halladay, he doesn’t have a big mouth like most of the players in baseball. Maybe he doesn’t want to say alot to the media because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing, or get some people upset. Eskin is a fag, he loves the attention he gets from this crap. He is a troll.

  10. I never post comments, but this is such a load of garbage. The guy just had the best season a pitcher has ever had and has been incredibly humble since the day he signed with the Phillies. Hopefully this is the end of Eskin.

  11. Eskin needs to go the hell out of Philly Halladay is a classy person Eskins is just a piece of shit

  12. Maybe if media pricks(like eskin) would stop talking shit about players or twisting players words around then Halladay would talk. As a Phillies fan i am content with halladay not talking to anyone and winning games and cy youngs as a phil. If he continues his dominace of the NL i could careless how he feels about being great. The man dont talk and hes a bad guy, if he was saying well yes i am the best pitcher in the NL hes cocky and conceded. Get off his bird eskin and get the hell out of philly.

  13. Eskin is a tool. Doc is pure class and everybody in this city knows it.
    I haven’t listened to him since he called Jamie Moyer a #5 starter even though he was pitching behind Halladay and Hamels in the rotation until he got hurt. Eskin doesn’t know crap about the Phillies.

  14. Eskin needs his face smashed in, condescending pompous tool…Hey Foreskin, I mean Eskin..Ever think Doc doesnt like you and therefore doesnt feel he needs to talk to you…Doc is what we in my field call a quiet professional, I dont care what he says or does off the field, he is here to pitch like the diety that he is and thats what he does. I guess Foreskin forgot to mention the beautiful watches each player received after his Marlins NO NO Halladay is a good guy and loves his teammates but hes quiet and all about business,For christ sakes hes been in Florida for what, a month now, getting ready?..I for one do not care if he ever talks to the media, Hes hear to pitch and win and in his spare time be a husband and father…With that said…Cliff Lee!

  15. Wow. I don’t care what Roy Halladay thinks or says or doesn’t say. All I care about how he pitches and how good a teammate he is.

  16. Hey Eskin, you dumb ass troll, know what he has been doing this off-season?
    I’d rather he train and prepare for the new upcoming season then talk to a bottom-feeder like you so you can twist his words into something that wasn’t intended.
    If Ryan Howard trained as hard to hit a playoff curve ball as Roy Halladay does in the off season to pitch in spring, we’d probably have three rings right now.

  17. I used to like Eskin, but he has become even more bizzare lately. He is just doing this for ratings because the other station is taking all of his listeners. Now everyone will tune into his radio show today to hear about some contrived controversy. Halladay has been nothing but a class act and great to the fans and the media. Why would anyone criticize him for anything? For me, Eskin lost all credibility when Cholly called him out in the locker room. Then the Phillies won the World Series and made Eskin look like a complete moron for wanting Cholly fired.

  18. This coming from the guy who still thinks he’s responsible for the Phillies winning the world Series in ’08 after he pissed off Charlie. What a dope, stick to your Eagles’ horseshit. Don’t make Doc out to be a bad guy because you can’t get your interviews.

  19. I was there. Roy had 750 autographs to sign in two hours. He might not have said hello to Cliff Lee because Lee was finished before he even got there. They made sure to clear out the room for Roy due to the amount of people getting his autograph. I stood right in front of Roy and even spoke to him. He was cordial, spoke to all the fans, and seemed happy to be there. Eskin’s facts are all wrong.

  20. Hmmmm. Who do I like better? The 2010 NL Cy Young winner who threw 2 no-hitters, 1 being in his playoff debut? Or is it the bust out sports talk show host? TOUGH CALL!

  21. Halladay did an extensive interview with FoxSports over on
    The little troll didn’t get his interview so he goes juvenile and rips Doc.
    Maybe some day troll boy will reach adulthood.

  22. I’m not even sure I have words for this. What a fucking asshat. Halladay hasn’t spoken to anyone? I read Todd Zolecki’s interview with him. In December. (You know, the interview where he said he knew we may get Lee back, but he didn’t want to get his hopes up then be disappointed – just like the rest of us, which further proves how awesome he is.) When he says “no one” has heard a word from Halladay, he’s referring to one Howard Eskin, right? If it took not one single word ever coming out of Halladay’s mouth ever again for him to keep pitching the way he does, I’m all for it. I don’t give a flying fuck what he’s thinking about before the game or what he had for breakfast. We’re paying him to throw a baseball, not be a media whore. I hope this runs that douchesicle out of town for good.

  23. Dear Howard,
    You’re an asshole. You’ll always be an asshole. Two questions:
    1. What do you have against haircuts?
    2. How’s that girlfriend of yours? Oh yeah…nevermind.
    Low class asshole.

  24. Eskin, did you get permission from Andy Reid to run this piece about a team other than those sorry assed Egales?

  25. What a A-Hole! When is this guy gonna just GO AWAY! He is now ranked third in ratings behind Mikey Miss AND I think 93.3 WMMR… This gut is a joke! He does not connect with our market (25-35), I heard that WIP is looking to replace him all together…. What a joke~!

  26. Howard Eskin is a jackass and any “fan” who puts any kind of stock into anything he has to say is an even bigger jackass. Who in their right mind would criticize Roy Halladay for NOT being a media whore?? Jackass.

  27. Remember when Roy bought really really expensive watches for everybody after the perfect game? Yeah, Doc’s a classy guy. Eskin doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Just because a player is humble and doesn’t make meaningless comments in the offseason about how he thinks the team will do in the next season doesn’t mean he is the douche that Eskin is making him out to be. Howard’s just looking for something to talk about now that the Eagles are done. Doc is class. Eskin is classless. How about you do some actual reporting on something Howard?

  28. Really howard? his ratings are so bad that he has to take shots at Roy??? like wtf! i just find it funny that this guy has a job…. i didnt think it was possible but that video accomplished 2 things, 1)made me love Doc more for not talking to the bearded dick bag, and 2) make me hate eskin more….
    Hey howard mike j fox just called, wants to know if you are still interested in being his stunt double for teen wolf 2!

  29. Howard cant kiss Andy Reid’s ass for awhile, so now he has to stir some imaginary crap up on the Phillies.

  30. It’s funny that people are so riled about his rant. Listen, it was interesting, and who cares if people mix it up with halladay if the criticism is factual and fair, which it was. My only criticism of Eskin is that he targeted the signing event, which is private and not a media event.
    Most people worship this halladay like a diety and don’t even care about the content of any criticism made against him. Eskin is smart to comment on him–along as it is above board, which this rant was.

  31. It’s the “offseason”, so why would you expect to hear much from a player unless he’s involved in a new contract negotiation?
    Once the season starts he has a league-imposed duty to speak to the media, but in the offseason, honestly who cares? He just gives everyone the normal non-controversial quotes anyway. Interview would go something like:
    Q: …Lee? …Rotation? …Excited for the season?
    A: It’s great. It’s going to be gun. Can’t wait.

  32. Even though I think he often speaks just to hear himself talk, Eskin is entitled to his opinion. And his opinion isn’t always wrong either. If he was looking to create discussion/controversy with his commentary last night, well, mission accomplished.

  33. When is everyone going to realize that by doing this.
    Howard Eskin gets into your head. Pisses you off and gets the public to listen and call into his radio show. It is his favorite ploy to play the “dark side”.
    Why do you think he has not been punched out by a athlete? Because when he sees them one on one he kisses their ass telling them he did it for the ratings.

  34. This guy is essentially the Philly version of Jim Rome. Pompous asshat with no intention of doing anything but garnering attention and pissing people off.
    Job well done.

  35. How eskin has a job blows my mind. I wonder if he ever considered that halladay doesn’t like to talk about himself? I don’t think we really care how he feels about lee or Werth, I just care about him doing his thing in the offseason so he comes out in spring and just dominates baseball. I guess the media doesn’t understand that players have personal lives.

  36. ive always hated eskin for stupid remarks like this. he doesnt know shit about any sport except for football. i remember earlier this year after a flyers loss he said they should “mail it in”….yeah howard, they deff should have mailed it in asshole. go drink a few beer with your biff andy reid

  37. Eskin is DEAD WRONG in calling-out Halladay for not speaking to the media, and to me, he’s wrongly calling-out someone who doesn’t deserve it.
    Halladay has spoken to the media PLENTY since the end of the season. Here are links to some of those interviews (at least the ones I saw/heard):
    A 30-minute press conference after the Phils were elimination in the NLCS (aired in-full on Comcast’s LunchBreak; excerpt from here):
    Interview on ESPN’s Mike & Mike for being named the Player’s Association Player of the Year (scroll down the page for the audio):
    Press conference with reporters — from his vacation in Mexico! — after winning the Cy Young Award ( Network):
    Print interview with Todd Zolecki re: Christmas song written about him (
    Print interview with Todd Zolecki re: Cliff Lee signing:
    Interview with Fox Sports Online JUST LAST WEEK (week of January 17):
    Shove it, Eskin! I hope Halladay continues to give you the cold shoulder!

  38. Didn’t anyone ever see “61*”, especially this douchewit? All he’s doing is the same junk the media did to Maris for not wanting to talk, discuss, or buy into their machine.
    Leave the man be. He’s a quiet, humble, family oriented guy, and prefers to show his prowess on the field instead of talking to reporters.
    This guy just needs to shut the hell up.

  39. Eskin is a tool. How he still has a presence in the media astounds me, because he’s almost always wrong, and almost always simply trying to be a dick on purpose.
    He’s so terrible at his job, that he has to be controversial to get ratings, or he’d be out of work.
    I can’t help but picture a penis wearing a suit whenever I see his douchebag face on the TV, or hear his annoying voice on the radio.

  40. Would you speak to Howard Eskin? Me either! Eskin doesn’t know crap about sports. He became popular by being a cocky, classless idiot. He hides behind that beard. It’s his security blanket as I hear he has a huge birth mark under there!

  41. hey eskin hows that parrot doin did they ever get him out or is that the reason ur so anal…..get over urself dude jus because roy doesn’t talk 2 media as often as u would like doesn’t make him half the ass u are. i do have 1 ? for u, does any one like u or your show i mean really how do u even have a job in philly. word 2 the wise dude lay off the players who mean more 2 this city than u ever will cuz ur phighting a loosing battle

  42. I didn’t know it was a requirement for a player to talk to the media OUTSIDE of his respective season.

  43. I’m joining the consensus here – Eskin is an idiot, don’t like him and never did. WHY does he actually still have a job here?

  44. Doc didn’t talk to the media during the OFF season? I understand that he’s rich and he has a priveleged postion but between November and March, dude doesn’t have to say a word to the media. That’s Doc’s time to live his life and enjoy the fruits of his successes, not talk to that rat, Howard Eskin. All the media does is twist words around and when they get no words to twist, they make up a conflict.
    Enjoy Mikey Miss kicking your ass in the ratings, Howie. You and that idiot Ike Reese. AM radio? Please, what is this the 1950s?

  45. Who gives to shit’s…so he doesn’t like to talk to the media because they BLOW EVERYTHING OUT!..I don’t blame him. Halladay don’t change for nobody, be yourself..

  46. Howard Eskins enemies:
    – Cal Ripken
    – Peyton Manning
    – Doc Halladay
    All HOF’ers and humble class acts.
    Howard Eskins buds:
    – Andy ” Captain Cheeseburger” Reid
    – Charles” Philly is racist” Barkley
    That says it all

  47. I wouldn’t talk to Eskin either. As long as he pitches well for us… who cares.
    Nancy C Fecca

  48. Halladay is a class act. Howard Eskin is a fucking idiot, he needs to get a foot shoved in his ass. Charlie should have kicked his ass three years ago.

  49. The Pittsburgh Penguins: Your favorite NHL team would be that good too if they had as many first and second overall picks as the Pens did from 03-06 says:

    Hahah, Douchecanoe is addressing his comments from yesterday on WIP right now.

  50. Howard Eskin 2008 … “The Phillies will never win a championship under this ownership group.”
    Eskin is intolerable and I can’t imagine why anyone listens to him.

  51. Eskin, wake the fuck up. Big Roy is all business, all the time, waking AND sleeping. He is the best of the best, and doesn’t have time for your shenanigans. He’s too busy being a Herculean Phenomenon.

  52. eskin is at the end of his career. no one is interested in what he has to say so when he’s not shilling for the eagles, he’s got to be controversial to gain attention

  53. Eskin is clueless and lying, clueless or dilusional.
    And anyway who cares..The Beast is preparing to carry our whole city on his shoulders and while he has a little well qualified help…its still a lot to carry. I want to hear from him once… right after we win the world series…
    that is all.

  54. I really don’t care if Doc ever speaks to the media. Everyone loves the dude. Eskin’s bummed that Roy won’t talk with him. Wahhhh

  55. he’s jealous more people want to listen to roy halladay than him. who the hell knew eskin even had a damn show? why does he keep popping up! get outta here

  56. The inaccuracies in Eskin’s rant:
    ESKIN: “We in the media are really the connection that brings you what the players think.”
    ME: Except when you’re a player with HUNDREDS of fans standing in line to meet you and get your autograph. In that case, giving your limited time and attention to those fans who paid to see you, and telling them directly what you are thinking is the proper thing to do.
    ESKIN: “The fans have not heard from Roy Halladay since the end of the season. Not heard what he thinks of Cliff Lee coming to the Phillies.”
    ME: Not true. Not only did Halladay provide a comment through his agent after the signing, but here are more comments from him thanks to an interview with Todd Zolecki:
    ESKIN: “Not heard what Halladay thinks of the new Phillies rotation.”
    ME: Again, not true. Just last week, he gave an interview to Fox Sports and talks about just that (and his reaction to the Lee signing):
    ESKIN: “Not heard what he thinks of Jayson Werth moving on to the Nationals.”
    ME: True, there’s no record I can find of Halladay comments on this. But, do we need to hear Halladay’s thoughts on this when so many others in the Phillies organization weighted-in?
    ESKIN: “Now, I think you want to know what one of the four best pitchers in baseball is thinking.”
    ME: I think Halladay has let us know what he’s thinking on plenty of topics this offseason. Here are some of the interviews/press conferences/comments he’s given:
    A 30-minute presser after the Phils were elimination in the NLCS (aired in-full on Comcast’s LunchBreak; excerpt from here):
    Interview on ESPN’s Mike & Mike for being named the Player’s Association Player of the Year (scroll down the page for the audio):
    Presser with reporters — from his VACATION in Mexico, no less! — after winning the Cy Young Award ( Network):
    Article on his fishing trip with Skeet Reese, which was gifted to Halladay by the Phillies for his perfect game:
    Print interview with Todd Zolecki re: Christmas song written about him (
    ESKIN: “Halladay doesn’t speak to the media other than game days when he becomes Steve Carlton-like. Carlton did so because his family was criticized by one member of the media. Halladay is adored by the fans and the media in this town.”
    ME: I can’t dispute any of this. But, since most of Eskin’s other comments were factually inaccurate — and he therefore wrongfully took to task one of the hardest working and most decent guys to ever play professional sports in Philadelphia – I hope Eskin is prepared to take more “no’s” from Halladay and be scooped by his media counterparts in Philadelphia and nationally.

  57. Eskin eat shit you tard, guess what if the doc doesnt want to talk to you fucks then he doesnt have to hes roy halladay who the fuck are you, you sound like a pissed off fan, we dont give a shit what hes thinking is it nice to hear yea we all want to hear from the doc but if he doesnt speak we dont miss anything, dont try to play the doc as per comment see how far that got you,hes a world CLASS player CLASS something you lack fuck tard

  58. I hope eskin’s fur coats come back to life and choke the shit out of him. Halladay is a beast he shouldn’t talk to asshole reporters like eskin. Go choke on a knife eskin.

  59. Why does Eskin still have a job? Everyone in this city hates him. No one actually tunes in to his show except to argue with him and tell him what an asshole he is.

  60. Eskin is a typical wannabe. Any ball player from high school up laughs at him. Has no clue on the mentality of ball players. Jock straps always make you sweat. Last time he sweated in that area is when hewas playing with himself. Thinks he is the only media thing in Philly that has sources that are always right. But then he is making lot more money then me. Wish I could be a no clue asshole and make that money.

  61. I believe Roy did talk about playing with Cliff Lee? I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure he has said something about it…

  62. Is it really possible to rip someone after they report to Clearwater 2 months early? How do you think Doc gets into this mode where he can come out and dominate teams Howard? Do you think he just dicks around and fucks with the media? No. He works his ass off so he can be at his best. If some one is going to be criticized for having the best work ethic in the MLB, I don’t know what the fuck this world is coming to. Jesus Christ.

  63. Theb piece stirs distant memories of when Jim Rome kept egging Ram quarterback Jim Everett into a ridiculous confrontation that Rome later regretted and said so. Mike Francessa will survive without the Jets, but Howard will not get along as well without the Phillies, and this will stir quite a bit of animosity. Poor editorial choice.

  64. And this is why no one listens to W.I.P. anymore, who wants hear abt fat guys eating wings and eskin sounding like a 16 year old girl

  65. not everyone is comfortable in the spot light, not every enjoys talking about themselves and not everyone wants to talk to eskin–I sure wouldn’t give him the time of day. Halladay proves himself on the field and that is all that I care about!

  66. Eskin is a piece of shit. Why would Halladay want to talk to that fucking low life? He should go back to sucking Freddie Mitchell’s cock. Fuck you Howard!

  67. Here’s the link to email NBC-10 to voice your displeasure over this. Don’t let that troll get away with this. I implore all of you to email NBC-10 right away.

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