Oh boy. This isn't going to sit well.

Last night on Sports Final, Howard Eskin ripped Roy Halladay for not speaking to the media at yesterday's autograph signing in Valley Forge. He said that Halladay, who met Don Larsen at the event, didn't say hello to Cliff Lee and has refused to speak to reporters since the end of the season. That isn't even entirely true- Halladay spoke to Todd Zolecki in December.

What's also ironic is that if you scroll down a few posts, you'll see a picture of Halladay speaking to a room full of writers on Saturday night…

Eskin's bloviation contrasts a bit with the discussion we had with Ryan Lawrence, who said Halladay, when he does meet with the media, usually gives very thoughtful answers.

Doc has been in Clearwater getting ready for the season (and helping out pitching prospects no less) since December.

I'm all for holding players accountable for their responsibilities off the field, but I'm not sure I have ever heard someone say a bad word about Doc. This was not a smart move by Eskin.

It's also going to piss you off.

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