Video: Flyers Verizon Wireless Commercial

Flyers_verizon_commercialPhoto via Ike Richman

In case you missed it last night during the second intermission, the Flyers' new Verizon Wireless commercial aired on Versus. It seems like a lot of folks (myself included) flipped over to the State of the Union address and missed the awesomeness of the perfect season- It's a little itchy, but it works.

This was filmed back in December at The Well.

Video after the jump.


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  1. (Through translator) Next year I make perfect season, no goals. Nobody score goal on Bob. Nyet!

  2. Somebody needs to get them some “Cheap Sunglasses” and they could be more than on top–they could be ZZ Top! Although Giroux will have to only have a mustache to be Frank Beard (ironic, ain’t it?). But they can do their “Give Me All Your Lovin'” to the ladies ( ) while they continue to Eliminate their competition.
    Anyway, I didn’t like it. It was too stupid to be funny–making it très gay, just like James Niggly.
    Seriously, I hope this don’t jinx ’em like an SI cover or being on the Madden Football case (if they played football).

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