Flyers Win, Richards Goes All Sick McNasty, and Claude Giroux T-Shirt Sale

Hartnell_reporterAdd this to the Pantheon of awkward Scott Hartnell-blonde, ice-side reporter photos

The Flyers won last night, 5-2.  Dominant third period from the guys, who fell behind 2-0 early then went into beast mode.

Danny Briere, an All-Star snub, said "snub this" (he didn't really, in fact, that was a really corny line) as he deposited one above Ryan Miller's shoulder.

Read Stevie Why's game recap here, or watch the full highlights and Mike Richards' nasty goal, after the jump.

Also, for one day only, take 15% off Giroux t-shirts with code "dipsydooroo."

Look at that dirty litte head-fake.

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