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The NHL announced its 42 All-Stars today and Claude Giroux was the only Flyer chosen- no Richards, Briere, or Carts.

It seems odd that Richards didn't make the squad, seeing as though he leads the best team in the conference in points.  There's no backing to this, but a couple of hockey minds theorize that Richards may not have wanted to play in the game.  Remember, he sat out the team Skills Competition, so he could have a "maintenance day" and wear a Yankees cap.

Briere didn't sound too happy, though:  [Philly Sports Daily]

“I’m not surprised that I was bypassed, obviously with what happened with the suspension and Colin Campbell being involved,” Briere told reporters. “What I’m a little surprised is that we don’t have more than just one player. There’s no doubt that Claude was deserving, but with our record I thought we probably could have had at least another one.”


The NHL will announce captains for the pick-up style, circle-jerk on January 18th.