Mike Richards Skips Skills Competition, Rocks Yankees Cap

The Flyers held their skills competition this evening, it was open to the public (with free ticket).  Call it a gift from the Flyers to their fans, if you will.

Every healthy player participated, with the exception of Brian Boucher, who as having some dental work done, and Mike Richards- it was a "maintenance day" for Richie.  No need for the Captain to entertain the 11,096 who turned out for the free event.

Reader David passed along this little note, saying the fans sitting near Richards, who was watching maintaining from the tunnel, weren't too happy with the Yankees cap he was wearing:

I attended the Flyers Skills Competition tonight. Richards did not participate, but he watched from the tunnel. Took a lot of heat for his choice of headwear from the fans nearby. A little kid reached over the rail with a Phillies hat and yelled to him, "Hey Mike, my brother wanted me to give you this!". His reply: "That's funny". I have definitely lost a lot of respect for our beloved captain.


Just to be clear, Richards is from Canada and never played anywhere near New York.  But he does like to hang out at McFadden's and sit in the first row at Phillies games.  Perhaps someone should remind him that New York was owned last week.



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  1. As much as this sort of thing can be sickening, the Yankees cap is almost more of a fashion thing more than anything. I’ve seen lots of people wear throwbacks and other team’s caps almost more as a change of pace than anything. Still, he should know to wear a Phillies cap or at least get a navy blue Phillies cap. Hopefully he learned how serious our fans are.

  2. The Pittsburgh Penguins: Your favorite NHL team would be that good too if they had as many first and second overall picks as the Pens did from 03-06 says:

    Cue Nick Swisher Philly abuse/clown comment

  3. He should’ve worn a Puma cap.
    On another note, DJacc rocked a gray Stankees hat in his twitter profile pic for about a week before he changed it to the DN cover “On Dasher”.

  4. @NickfromGermantown That’s probably what’s most offensive about it to me. People that wear sports gear as fashion as opposed to supporting a team.
    It’s not a huge deal. It’s just really lame. Reds hats have become insanely popular lately and I know there are not that many Reds fans in this country.

  5. @Nick from Germantown ~ his friends in Kenora Canada own a clothing store, mostly hats and tees. Their hats are cool………they also make some custom stuff for him,
    What I want to know if he lost a bet?

  6. jesus chris, if that person “lost respect” for richards over this, he needs to get a fucking life.

  7. i think he was listening to limp bizkit on the way over and decided to rock a yankees cap. As for the fashion statement idea, saw a phillies cap in Barcelona last year and when i went to comment the guy looked at me like i had three heads cause he didnt know why i was yelling about world champion Phillies at him in english or terrible spanish… it was September 2009, and we were still champs at that point.

  8. ZOMG!!!!!!!!! Mike Richards wore a Yankees hat! Let’s cry about it! He’s need to be stripped of the C and traded immediately!!!!

  9. I was sitting right next to the guy wearing the Giroux jersey on the other side. I must say, at least Richie was being nice and giving high fives opposed to a guy like Carter who acts like he is too good to be around the fans.

  10. I have to agree with the comment above from Chris. This guy lost respect for Richards? Think back to his shorthanded goal against montreal in the eastern conference finals last year and how ridiculous he played that entire shift if you ever need to remember why you should respect Richards. No true Philly fan should ever question what he’s about. It’s classic how quickly some of our own fans can turn on a guy. You’re the ones giving us a bad rep as a fan base. Personally, I think he’s definitely wearing the hat to match his clothes and maybe he didn’t have a navy blue Phils hat readily available. Get over it.

  11. Its only a hat. Hear this all the time from people its just a hat it matched certain outfits get over it nerds.

  12. Who cares what hat he was wearing? The sad part was all the little kids (like my son) wearing his jersey that got to watch him frickin stand in a tunnel.

  13. Phillies fan since birth here but I’ve owned tons of baseball shit in my time including a Yankees hat and a Mets T-shirt. This does suck but I’ll take this over Sean Avery wearing a Phillies hat anyday. That would hurt.

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