The Flyers held their skills competition this evening, it was open to the public (with free ticket).  Call it a gift from the Flyers to their fans, if you will.

Every healthy player participated, with the exception of Brian Boucher, who as having some dental work done, and Mike Richards- it was a "maintenance day" for Richie.  No need for the Captain to entertain the 11,096 who turned out for the free event.

Reader David passed along this little note, saying the fans sitting near Richards, who was watching maintaining from the tunnel, weren't too happy with the Yankees cap he was wearing:

I attended the Flyers Skills Competition tonight. Richards did not participate, but he watched from the tunnel. Took a lot of heat for his choice of headwear from the fans nearby. A little kid reached over the rail with a Phillies hat and yelled to him, "Hey Mike, my brother wanted me to give you this!". His reply: "That's funny". I have definitely lost a lot of respect for our beloved captain.


Just to be clear, Richards is from Canada and never played anywhere near New York.  But he does like to hang out at McFadden's and sit in the first row at Phillies games.  Perhaps someone should remind him that New York was owned last week.