It’s Hockey Season, Flyers Game on Tuesday Most Watched of the Year

Ovechkin_bobIs it because of me?


Comcast Sportsnet just sent around a press release. Tuesday's game against the Capitals, which the Flyers won in overtime, was the most watched game of the year on CSN.

It delivered a 3.4 rating, which equates to 103,00 households. At its peak, around 9:15, 154,000 households tuned in- just in time to watch an exciting third period and Mezzy end it in overtime.

What's more surprising is that almost 100,00 people tuned into post game live.

It's the Flyers' town right now.  In September, the Phillies hit their highest mark of the year, with over 500,000 households tuning in. Still a baseball town.

Prongs returns tonight. Video after the jump to see him talking about "getting it seven different ways from Tim Panacchio." Gross.

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  1. Happy to see so many Flyers posts here. They don’t always get the love and time they deserve from all of the Philadelphia media.

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