Jon Heyman Doesn’t Like Our City Very Much, Packers Fans Get Car Vandalized

Jon_heymanIf this is the worst that comes out of today's loss, consider it a win for us.

You might remember Jon Heyman from "Mystery Team" fame.  He was the reporter who first said that there was a third team, besides the Rangers and the Yankees, interested in Cliff Lee.  Six hours later, Lee was a Philly.

Heyman was also the victim of a fake Twitter account, that spread a Greinke to the Phillies rumor, using his name.

It appears his wife is a Packers fan and, well, he didn't enjoy our city too much today:

Enconsed at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly.  Appears most fans here made a pregame stop at Geno's, Pat's, and Balco.  Can say one thing, that Eagles song wasn't written by Joe Walsh.  I could of written a better song on my concession napkin.

Fans a little rough around the edges in section 132.  Glad the wife didn't wear her cheesehead.

Guy behing me: If he hands the ball off, I'm going to stab him with a knife.

Philly fans took that as well as you'd expect.  Can't remember when I last heard such language.


I would rail on him for the next 300 words, but I can't.  I just can't get on the guy who first brought me the Cliff Lee news.  I… I'm sorry.

Speaking of fans who didn't enjoy their stay, these Packers fans had their car vandalized.  Way to go, guys.  Video after the jump.

H/T to Matt Carson


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  1. Hope that was Franks car….fuckin tard. What has your city done? If not for….ahem….overused and old btw… “Philthadelphia”….would GB even exist? God your SO original Frank, why arent we paying you for this? Lemme guess your rebuttal…..snowballs at santa? Nice try, weve heard that. Try to be original douchebag.

  2. This is such bullshit. They should have waited there and put that idiot’s head through the windshield. Yea,they drove ALL the way in from Pennsylvania. So basically they’re Packers fans who are probably from Pennsylvania. ”These diehard Packers’ fans..”. I think she meant these diehard bandwagon frauds,just like the rest of them. So sick and tired of it. Being an Eagles fan sucks alot of the time,but atleast I can say I am a diehard lifelong fan of MY team,my local team,and didn’t run to the Packers and Cowboys like these fuckin’ cocksuckers did when times got rough.

  3. Honest true Packers fans, I’m happy for you. Fugazi fans who turned on your home team, EAD!

  4. I’m with you Nick. Why? Just gives Philly haters more reasons to rail on us. Be classy Philly.

  5. Why do so many people try to come to the defense of Philadelphia fans? Yes there are some really shitty ones. There are shitty fans in every fanbase. There are also good fans. I consider myself a good fan and I’d never act like many of the jerkoffs do at Philly sporting events. But I’m not about to defend these assholes actions. If you’re a decent human being then just let these idiots gets railed on. Who cares?

  6. I think people who travel to other cities and wear their team gear to watch road games are kind of douchey anyway. Seriously. What possible enjoyment could you have watching a live sporting event in another team’s house anyway? Wouldn’t you rather gather in a friendly environment with fans and watch on TV rather than being 1 of a few hundred out of 60,000 in other team’s house?
    Unless you are just there to rub in someone’s face and provoke a reaction. In which case, you get what you get. Violence isn’t justified. But it’s sort of like why you don’t walk around a bad neighborhood flashing jewelry and waiving money around. You are inviting something bad to happen.

  7. And most surprising part of this is an Eagles fan in crowd wanting them to pass it instead of running it.

  8. The people congratulating the people that did this, are even dumber than the people that did this.

  9. @John E. Yeah I don’t get why anyone would be advocating the pass with this team. Must have been one of Reid’s shitty sons.

  10. @ John E. I was thinking the same thing about the fan wanting them to pass rather than run. LOL
    Trashing people’s property is never a good thing.

  11. If he thinks that’s bad, Jon Heyman should go to a divisional game at the Oakland Coliseum. We’re tame compared to them.

  12. Sooner or later people will realize that everyone hates everywhere that is not where they themselves are from. Period. The same stupid shit happens everywhere. The same stupid fans that do dumb shit in Philly, are in every city. People hate on Philadelphia all the time. If they were from here, they’d sing a different tune.
    Green Bay is an eighth the size of a real city, the main attraction is an applebee’s that Bret Favre took a dump in once, it’s 5 degrees all the time, and everyone has a mid-west accent and sounds like Sara Palin dontyaknow. Them talking trash about Philly is the equivalent of getting made fun of by a third grader saying, “I know you are but what am I.”

  13. I’ve basically begun to think that anyone not from here is a bitch. If you can’t handle Philly then go the fuck home.

  14. …I’d like to add that Jon Heyman is a bitch. Just because he luckily had a source that knew of the Cliff Lee deal, doesn’t mean he’s the reason it happened, so fuck him.
    I’m pretty sure no one has ever stabbed an NFL head coach, even if they say they want to. It’s the same this as saying, “If he doesn’t run the ball more, I’m going to go down there and kill him!” You’re not actually going to…What is Heyman 5 years old? What a pussy. His man card has been revoked.

  15. Eagles fans are a bit over the top to be honest. The only two stadiums that are probably worse that come to mind are Cleveland and Oakland, I can’t imagine what it would be like there and I’d never wear an opposition jersey to Oakland.
    I did wear my Woodson jersey to the game yesterday and got harassed, but that was expected. I can’t stand the crying from you Eagles fans about routing for “my home team” and it’s so hard. I’m from the Philly region but am not an Eagles fan. I have been a Packers fan since I started watching football, they were the first game I ever got to watch. Crying about me being a bandwagon hopper because I’ve been a GB fan for 18 years makes no sense. Neither does getting beer thrown at me after a win.
    Sorry that your team can’t do better than 3rd or 4th place every year, but don’t hate on the teams that do. I’d wear my jersey to the Linc again in a heartbeat because I support the team I like. I could pretty much guarantee a beer throwing wouldn’t take place in Green Bay (nor towns like Atlanta, New England, or Pittsburgh for that matter). You’ve had good teams in the past decade, but the overall attitude about Eagles football leaves the whole scene appear to be completely trashy, and I doubt you’ll ever get a ring until you move past that.

  16. Kyle you’re an idiot. You can wear whatever jersey you want. Don’t act like I wouldn’t get harassed at Lambeau in an Eagles jersey. Like they’re so much more civilized and better then we are in Green Bay.
    I’d also like to ask what the hell the media stereotype of our fans has to do with winning a superbowl, because last time I checked we have no creative control over anything to do with the team.
    You should get harassed in an opposing stadium while supporting the other team. It’s your ability to not get flustered and just have fun with it is what differentiates you getting beaten to a pulp or enjoying the game. If you can’t tale a little ball busting, then stay home.
    If you wear a jersey of an opposing team to a game, then you know the inherent risk you are taking. This is not just Philadelphia, this is anywhere. The fact that you try to say otherwise, just shows you’ve never been anywhere. Pittsburgh, and New England? Really? Take it from someone who has seen games across this country in over 20 stadiums, the crazies are everywhere son.
    …and you can go pound sand growing up around here and not at least supporting your hometown teams. I have friends that are fans of other franchises, but they at least still stand by Philly. You’re a sell out. Move.

  17. true md10… if you can’t deal with getting your balls broken then don’t wear the opposing team’s jersey in the home team’s house. No matter where you are. If you are going cry about it like a whiney little girl then stay the hell home. What did you think- people were going to cheer for you when your shitty team won? And, for the record even my lil baby son knows you never go against the home team. Take pride in your city man.

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