Kyle Kendrick is Going to Make $2.45 Million This Year

Kyle_kendrick_womanTonight is going to be a good night for Kyle


Kyle Kendrick will avoid arbitration, as he signed a one year, $2.45 million deal with the Phillies. At this rate, the Phillies could probably throw a BP machine out there for nine innings every fifth day and still win 95 games (smug!), but Kendrick (or Blanton) will be an adequate fifth starter- just don't expect to be included in any Photoshops, Kyle.

Our buddy Kevin from The Philly Phans (@kevinthephan – follow him) scooped Jon Heyman and all of the Phillies beat writers on the news. Golf clap for him.

Stephenie is happy:



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  1. Kendrick is your archetypal overachiever at life. Mediocre pitcher for the most awesome baseball team on the planet, hot wife that’s a restaurateur so you’ll never have to worry about eating bad food for the rest of your existence, and drop a 7-figure salary on top of all that. What a life.

  2. Yeah, it’s tough being a KK. Meanwhile, J.A. Happ is like the anti-Kendrick, better pitcher, but I’m pretty sure he’s single, lonely, and with the Astros.

  3. Give the man a break. He has one good year, everyone is on his jock. he falters through 2 and we give up? Late bloomers people, Kendrick has shown flashes. If he turns out to just be a good starter, that’s a win because of the 4 we have above him.
    Think positive.

  4. look at Kyles face! it says, “Oh no i just got too excited and made sticky all over my man parts”…. such a douchebag! funniest thing ever, at CBP during BP, KK shagging flies, and some young kid yells for a ball, KK throws him one and the kid says, I DONT WANT A BALL FROM YOU! and throws it back at kyle! It happened 3 times til Kyle finally stopped responded to everyone!

  5. Happy for Kyle. Busted his ass with mediocre stuff, worked his way through the farm system, got a chance and is making the most of it. Heck, he was dead in the water early last year and found a way to rebound. For a touch under $2.5 million, it’s not a bad deal for your #5/6 guy.

  6. 2.45 mil for Kendrick mean while the only pitcher in the rotation who has ever won shit (I don’t count Blanton because he is as good as gone) is the only one not getting paid. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

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