Lavs Put Flyers in Hotel Before Last Night’s Game

This man is a mind-fuck genius.

Whether it's his perfectly timed timeouts, playing Bob on a guarantee, or putting the Flyers in a Philly hotel, Lavs knows how to work the psyche of his players. He put the team in a Center City hotel yesterday, to keep them away from the "honey-do" list. Awesome.

From Philly Sports Daily:

Why, you ask? Peter Laviolette wanted his team to stay focused instead of getting distracted by the comforts and annoyances of home.

“I don’t know the rationale or the reasoning behind it, but there’s something to the fact that when you come off of road trips, you get home, you get settled in and you play a flat game,” Laviolette said. “Maybe just to keep that road mentality, maybe to keep guys away from home and the honey-do list that might be growing and getting longer and just stay focused on hockey and the job at hand.”


Brilliant move by coach. In every sport, when teams return from the road, they seem to struggle in their first game back. Rick Tocchet mentioned it on Post Game Live the other night, saying he was worried the Flyers would be flat on Tuesday night. Enter Lavs.

No word on if Carts used that time to drill a puck bunny.


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  1. This is crazy! You have to hide these MEN from their wives because they will lose focus on their jobs. If you never left that faggot hippy bring his scent into the locker room we would have the cup in Philly right now

  2. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” was his attitude. We did great on that road trip, so he kept a road atmosphere. Lavs is a hockey GENIUS, and it shows here again. 2nd best coach in Flyers history, no doubt about it.

  3. After watching 24/7 on HBO (which showed a lot of the home lives of the players and the realities of players/dads/husbands being gone for road trips), I’m not sure if this move would endear the Flyers organization with the players. A lot of the reason that Cliff Lee came back to Philadelphia was his wife loving the experience here and how the Phillies treated their family, so at the risk of being an armchair-professional-athlete-therapist, this type of thing won’t be looked upon fondly by the players (unless they hate their wives/kids/girlfriends).
    I’ll concede that professional athletes usually have a significant off-season, and they’re getting paid quite well (even the lower-end guys), but for many, the best part of traveling for work (amuse me and consider professional athlete to be “work” as if it’s like a 9-5 job) is leaving hotels behind and getting back “home.” For those that disagree… Cliff Lee. (wait, that was oddly relevant here)
    Cliff Lee.

  4. “This man is a mind-f*ck genius.” He rivals P. Diddy in Get Him to the Greek. “I’m mind f*ckin you right now…Can you feel my dick f*cking your mind?”
    I love Lavs….

  5. @James – This is not something he just told them about the day before. This was planned in advance, and all the players and families knew it was happening. They did it 3 other times last year – it worked. The guys responded with wins all 3 times and Lavs chose to do it again after being on basically a month-long road trip (except for 1/8 vs Jersey).
    I heart Lavs and I am drinking any flavor of kool-aid he is serving up. Go Flyers!!

  6. @Dan,
    This is the same weird shit Fred “the Fog” Shero did and look where it got those Flyers. Not only did they win two back-to-back Stanley Cups, but a good portion of them still live in the area. I have 100% faith in this coach. He clearly knows his players.

  7. The Eagles have announced the hiring of Jim Washburn as their new defensive line coach, replacing the fired Rory Segrest.
    Washburn, formerly of Tennessee, has a fantastic repuatation and this hiring should be seen as a real upgrade.

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