This man is a mind-fuck genius.

Whether it's his perfectly timed timeouts, playing Bob on a guarantee, or putting the Flyers in a Philly hotel, Lavs knows how to work the psyche of his players. He put the team in a Center City hotel yesterday, to keep them away from the "honey-do" list. Awesome.

From Philly Sports Daily:

Why, you ask? Peter Laviolette wanted his team to stay focused instead of getting distracted by the comforts and annoyances of home.

“I don’t know the rationale or the reasoning behind it, but there’s something to the fact that when you come off of road trips, you get home, you get settled in and you play a flat game,” Laviolette said. “Maybe just to keep that road mentality, maybe to keep guys away from home and the honey-do list that might be growing and getting longer and just stay focused on hockey and the job at hand.”


Brilliant move by coach. In every sport, when teams return from the road, they seem to struggle in their first game back. Rick Tocchet mentioned it on Post Game Live the other night, saying he was worried the Flyers would be flat on Tuesday night. Enter Lavs.

No word on if Carts used that time to drill a puck bunny.