Lenny Dykstra Probably Shouldn’t Have Said This

It just keeps getting better, folks. 

Remember we told you about the porn star escort that Dude had drinks with and then stiffed on a bounced $1,000 check?

Radar Online caught up with him and he had a few choice words for her:

F**k that whore. She forged a check from a bank acount that has been closed for years. This is some f**king black whore trying to make money off of me.


I can hear the PR people facepalming themselves.

As accurate as that statement may be, that takes some f**king large-sized white, ex-baseball player, failed investor cajones to make that statement. Ya dig?

The escort, Monica Wilson, commented on the story at Hardball Talk- you can read her comments there– basically defending her claim and entering into a public pissing match with Dykstra.

Oh Lenny. Pay the wh lady.


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