Part one here! Can we make it a trilogy? Probably.

Here's video of Andre Iguodala shoving Evan Turner.

via Liberty Ballers


I'm cool with 'Dre, I didn't mind it. I think he misunderstood what was going on like he usually does [joking, sort of], but sometimes adults don't understand, so it's all good.


Yeah OK, Evan.

Look, I'm all for some tough love and leadership, like Jimmy Rollins challenging "Five" in the tunnel during Game 5 of the 2008 World Series, but you don't push a teammate on the court. That is, by my count, the second time Iguodala has shown up Turner on the floor. And again, that's my count- I'm not exactly glued to the television set when the Philadelphia 76ers are on. I have other things to do, like organize all of my frozen Haribo gummy bears by color… and other tasks more important than watching mediocre NBA basketball.

Video of Beeker and Collins (sounds like an 80's detective sitcom, no?) discussing the incident, after the jump. I find it odd that, in a piece about communication, your star player shoving a rookie is highlighted as a good example of this. Jesus Christ, Dei.

Hop it, or I'll push you over- because that's how we communicate in these parts.