Reader Report on Beer Dispenser


Reader Ryan Fitzgerald showed up early last night (got his email at 6:26 for 7:30 game) to test out the new Bottoms Up Beer cups. Not a good review.

His words: Leaking all over the place from the hole in the bottom! Just holding it, the seal around the magnet is weak.

Two more pictures after the jump. Your experience?


I'd really rather not know what this stain is from


6 Responses

  1. No one ever spills beer on themselves at a game in a “normal” cup, do they? C’mon, be a man and drink that pussy shit Bud Light quicker and you won’t have to worry about a cup ring on your designer jeans.

  2. Yo Jimmy, Bud Light is all they serve for the “Bottoms Up” beer cups. Not really his choice to drink Bud Light.

  3. Ryan, this is your gastroenteroligist, the “leaking” around the “hole at the bottom”…yeah you have hemorrhoids, better get that checked out.
    Anygay, did you just buy one beer? Do we have proof that every cup leaks? One and done is no way to make a statement…

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