We've joked around for a while now about Doug Collins' health. He suffered a concussion in the Spring and, until recently, dealt with the side effects from it- having to leave one game with vertigo. During press conferences, he routinely looks like he just went through three rounds with in the ring.

But here's a good story from Gordie Jones about what Collins is doing to stay, ya know, alive:

And he refuses, as much as is possible, to take games home with him. He does not watch pro basketball on TV, choosing instead to limit his viewing to Duke games, since his son Chris is an assistant to Mike Krzyzewski.

The elder Collins was not always this way. He can recall that when he took the head-coaching job with Detroit in 1995 – the second of his four NBA stops – his family was not able to join him for a year, while his daughter finished up high school in Chicago, where he had first worked as a pro coach. All he had was the team, and the game.

“And,” he said, “I lived it 24 hours a day.”

Not healthy.

“I promised I would never do that again,” he said.


Probably a good move, because if I had to take home images of my star player fouling a three point shooter up four with under 20 seconds to go, I'd probably look like this.

Speaking of homes…

How neat indeed.