Portrait of a Leader Part Trey: Andre Iguodala Fouls Jason Richardson

In continuing our special, in-depth series, Portrait of a Leader: Andre Iguodala, we discuss the Iggy's latest adventure, fouling Jason Richardson with :17 seconds remaining and a four point lead.

In the first two installments of our Boner of the Week nominated series, we looked at the veteran Iguodala and the ways in which he was stunting the growth of rookie Evan Turner- by stomping his feet on court like a petulant child and shoving Beeker in front of 20,000 a few thousand scattered Sixers fans. Today, we will turn our attention to grade school basketball lessons.

Anyone who has hooped above a fourth grade level is well aware that when leading by four in the final seconds of a game, the one thing you absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, don't want to do is foul a three-point shooter. In fact, you shouldn't be within two feet of him, because, often times, a savvy shooter will lean forward to initiate contact.

Iguodala spared Jason Richardson the trouble last night, fouling him (a weak one, but a foul) as he shot a three-pointer, down four points, with :17 seconds to go. Amazing.

The Magic would tie the game and go on to win in it overtime.

The video, for your viewing displeasure:

Awww shiiit, did you see what Iggy did just there? Did he do what I think he did?

Oh yes he did.

Shiiit man, I gotta go try that.

You see that, Dre'? You see how impressionable young players are? Just minutes later, in overtime, Lou Williams fouled J.J. Redick… while in the act of shooting a three-pointer. Redick made the shot and the free throw. And you say the players don't look up to Iguodala. Leader, yo.

The Sixers lost by one. 


7 Responses

  1. if the sixers want a fan base – they need to get rid of iguodala. to take what KG said earlier in the year, “he’s a cancer to his team”

  2. To be honest, he never touched me. Awful call, but anything from the NBA to get their star players more spotlight come playoff time.

  3. Regardless of it was a foul or not, and I’m not going to act like a basketball expert, but you learn as a young kid to not even give the referees a chance to call a foul in this situation.

  4. To give up one 4-point play in the last minute of the game is absurd. To give up ANOTHER 4-point play in overtime is even worse. Iggy has begun to rub everyone the wrong way anymore it seems … time for him to go imo.

  5. We need to lose iggy, but that wasnt a foul…they showed like 8 different angles on comcast last night…not at all a foul

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