Sidney Crosby denied the report that said he would skip the All-Star game because he is unhappy with the league: [Post Gazette]

"That's not even close," Crosby, sitting at his locker stall following the team's morning skate, said. "I'll be there if I can be there. I still haven't ruled out being there. Hopefully, the next few days things get better and there's still a slight chance I could be back for that. That's what I'm hoping. If I can be there, I'll be there."

Crosby will miss his sixth game in a row tonight because of the concussion he got from some combination of hits by Washington's David Steckel and Tampa Bay's Victor Hedman. Even if he doesn't recover sufficiently to participate in the All-Star weekend Jan. 28-30 at Carolina, he hopes to be able to attend so he can take part in promotional, fan and media events.


Have other plans that day, Sid?

His presence is still important to the league. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure there is nothing restricting him from attending… other than his hurt ego over the fact that the guys who thumped him weren't suspended, of course.