Your Hump Day Carts: Swedish Puck Bunny Edition


You might say every day is hump day for Carts. To which I say touchè, loyal readers, touchè. But how often do we get to see Carts in his natural habitat- other than when wearing a cowboy hat at La Costa– eye sexing a Swedish jersey wearing blonde with Richie. Rarely, my friends, rarely.

Our friend Lady Neat captured the unstoppable tag team of puck before last night's game, as they scoped out the elusive, yet highly exotic, Swedish puck bunny. Whose got your back? Richie's got your back. No really, he does. Check out the sequence in Neat's gallery starting here, it reads like a flip book of fuck- Richie was all over that for Carts.

Bonus points for the horrible Ill shirt sighting.

Carts_sweish_richardsYeah, I'd Carter her

Ironically enough, Carts would score just minutes later. I bet he did.


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  1. That chick is at every game, I have been a season ticket holder for the past 4 years and the last two I always see her standing at the glass for warm ups. She always has some national jersey one, sometimes its germany.

  2. So now I know why he actually showed some effort…to impress a girl. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Carts *shakes head*

  3. chick wears alot of makeup. probably be prettier without all of that on her face. could be my jealousy of her awesome seats speaking, though.

  4. Look, she must be giving Neuvirth the international Czech peace sign here:
    It sure did work!
    Let’s see, too much makeup, too much bleach, a slight bump under the chin–and that Swedish sweater is probably hiding evensome more transmutated junk-food…
    Yep, I’d also Carter her in a heartbeat. Way to go, Jeffro! You’re the #1 All-Star where it really counts, and like Richie, we all got you back, bro.

  5. i know this girl shes from a town 15 min outta philly, went to school with her. she is not attractive at all believe me, and she a big time slut.

  6. Those “ill” shirts are the most re-goddamned-diculous things I’ve ever seen, and I automatically know that the person wearing it is a douchebag.

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