Your Morning Phillies News

In an effort to remind you that baseball season is right around the corner (ZOMG we have four aces), and to help you get through the dull Winter, we'll do our best to bring you as much baseball news as possible.

None of these were quite worth of their own posts, but consider each of them a little shot of warm coffee on this Winter morning.

– The Phillies traded lefty reliever Sergio Escalona to the… wait for it… Houston Astros (Ed Wade strikes again) in exchange for minor league second baseman Albert Cartwright.  Cartwright, despite the hauty name, hit .294 this year in both single and double-A.  No, he's not a replacement for Chase Utley.

– Jimmy Rollins, in an effort to keep himself healthy (and earn a huge contract), made a New Year's resolution to practice yoga.  Video on his Facebook page.

– In today's Inquirer, Matt Gelb reports that the Phillies are installing a HD scoreboard (pseudo picture here) at Citizen's Bank Park this Winter, so you can view Cliff Lee's ironic chin in glorious 1080p.  They are also replacing some seats.  Reader Deej tells us in the comments that they are not replacing seats, just temporarily removing them to add a "grippy-like" surface to the cement.

– Speaking of Cliff Lee- good article in the Haverford-Havertown Patch about an August 2009 signing Lee did at Carl's Cards and Collectibles:

The elder Henderson says he got Lee to come to the store through a friend of friend, who was working with Lee and needed to get him a car for three months while he was in Philadelphia.

Henderson offered his ride, but on one condition—Lee visit the store. Lee agreed and Henderson remembers "several hundred people" lining up outside the store to catch a glimpse of the baseball superstar.


When Lee got out of the car, the first thing he asked Henderson was who else was signing autographs.


"You're it," Henderson says he told him.


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  1. I work at the ballpark, they arent replacing any seats. They are coating the cement on the concourse upstairs and seating area with the same grippy-like surface that they coated the main concourse with last offseason. They needed to temporarily take the seats out to make room for the new surface to be laid down.

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