Your Wednesday Afternoon Roundup: ZOMG it Might Snow Later and There’s a Good Chance it will be More or Less Than was Forecasted Edition

Free beer. Super Bowl.

P.K. Subban will be a rookie replacement at All-Star weekend. He's also a dick.

-Fun Fact: The Flyers are 22-4-2 this season with Carcillo in the lineup and 11-8-3 without him. Dude brings something to the team. He almost reminds me of a J.C. Romero or (for you Villanova fans) Kyle Lowry, guys who were far from being the centerpiece on their team, but brought an undeniable attitude.

Lowry changed the Wildcats almost immediately upon his arrival in late 2004. Foye, Ray, Sumpter et al. weren't good until Lowry showed them how to be dicks on the court.

When Romero showed up in 2007, other than being really good, his fist pumping swagger helped (along with many many other things) usher in a wave of success for the Phillies.

Carcillo is similar in that way. They can win without him, but he makes stuff happen out there. When he came back into the lineup for the Game 3 of the Finals, after being scratched in Games 1 and 2, something changed with the team.

-Vick signed his first endorsement deal (Nissan ad was in exchange for a car).

-Dave Montgomery sat down with the folks from Team to Beat.

-Nobody really cares what Charles Barkley has to say anymore, but he was pretty off base with this.

– And a Cliff Lee piece that sounds like it's narrated by Neil from Family Guy- You and me at the Winter Snow Ball.

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  1. At one point a week or so ago, the Flyers were 7-0 when Zherdev was scratched. I’m sure its changed since then, but still a weird stat.

  2. Heh heh heh, yeah, I agree Howard. I agree with every word you speak and every breath you take. I love you.

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