Charlie_speech has video of Charlie Manuel's preseason speech to the team, ya know, the one Roy Halladay advised him to carry a notepad to. That speech.

It's a rare glimpse inside the clubhouse when no "media" cameras are allowed. This allows for the video to be edited by the team- which it was- so we don't hear any F bombs or anything other than the fluffy stuff. PR!

As usual, Charlie nails it:

Cliff came aboard this winter. What'd you say, Cliff, about winnin'? He said he come here to win. Roy Halladay came last year. Said he picked us cause he came here to win. Roy Oswalt came here during the middile of the summer. Said he came here to win a World Series.

Even keel, everything stays even keel. Going to the World Series is one of the biggest things in the world. We won one, and we've had a chance to win a couple more. But we want to win some more, don't we, Ut? We want to get back and we want to win some more and it's not easy! But you know what, I look around and I know, I see, I see the talent we got sittin' in this room. Can we do it? You damn right.



Watch the video here.