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If you count only the pro teams, we were stuck with only one actual game this weekend- the Flyers 4-2 win over the Rangers on Sunday. Not exactly a ton of stuff going on. Here's a picture of the Phillies' new HD scoreboard, almost completely installed at Citizen's Bank Park.

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The Roundup:

– The Flyers won yesterday and didn't take one penalty, Lavs punched Leino in the head on Friday- updated with our Yung Joc overlay.

– Jimmy Rollins guaranteed 100 wins.

Ian Kinsler is a douche.

– Video after the jump of players talking about Charlie's speech to the team this weekend, including Doc's tip to bring a notepad into the room to look more professional. Zoo With Roy nails it with other moments in history where Doc may have played a part.

Video after the jump.

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