Charlie Sheen Partied with Lenny Dykstra and Brian Wilson on Friday

Oh to be a line of coke on that table…

Lenny Dykstra and Charlie Sheen in the same room, in any capacity, is a recipe for a drug induced, gambling fueled sex binge, complete with hookers, strippers, and probably some some sort of midget or primate. Instead, they just watched a movie.


From TMZ:

Sheen tells us … in addition to flying in SF Giants pitcher Brian "The Beard" Wilson on his jet from Arizona to L.A. … Charlie also imported Kenny LoftonTodd ZeileEddie Murray, Lenny Dykstra and others.

We're told Pete Rose was supposed to show … but got stuck somewhere and couldn't make it.


Well thank God Pete wasn't there, or else things really would have gotten crazy. Good to see Brian Wilson isn't letting that World Series fame go to his head. That Hamels-like leap off the cliff is coming soon.

Sheen is apparently a big baseball guy, and watching Major League with Wild Thing and Wilson, who is essentially the real life version of the character, along with Lofton, Zeilie, Murray and Nails, has to be a pretty cool event.

Zeile stands out here, but a quick Google search shows that he has a film production company and has acted in a few movies.

I have March 3rd as the day a stripper comes forward with a some sort of accusation against Dykstra.

I'm also really dissappointed The Machine didn't make an appearance. Seems like his sort of event.

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  1. Wow! Occupying any room with Dykstra now has got to be painfully uncomfortable. Bring/memorize a list of excuses to leave if you ever see him.

  2. Like James Earle James said….”Baseball Ray”….besides the blow and booze, hookers, strippers, midgets, primates, and tigers, they all share the same passion!

  3. “As far as talking about guilty by association, c’mon. I’m linked to the Sea Captain. I’m linked to the Machine. That doesn’t bother me.” heh

  4. wow i would have loved to be at that party i would have sent e-vites to dutch daulton, krucker, inky, ok all of the 93 phils, macho man randy savage, john rocker, flavor flav, lady gaga, wade boggs,david wells,theo fleury, richard greeco and emilo estavez

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