Doc Has Something Up His Sleeve, Dom Brown is 0 for Spring, and Another Doc Weighs in on Uts

Roy_halladay_spring_trainingBlue Jays fans suck via "likbskippy"

Consider that our triple-D headline, if you will.

– The Phillies beat the Blue Jays today in Dunedin, 6-3. Doc, who threw two scoreless innings (yawn) spoke with reporters after the game and gave to us this little tid bit via Jayson Stark:

This bulletin from Roy Halladay to hitters everywhere: There are "a couple of (new) things I want to work on this spring." Scary


The Cy Young award, perfect game, and playoff no-hitter wasn't enough.

He also voiced his disdain for Dunedin via David Hale:

Doc on pitching in Dunedin: "I got sent down four times in that office, the last time was to A-ball. So I’ll be glad to get out of here.”


Hale also provided some video of additional Doc comments- after the jump.

– Despite lowering his hands this spring (which were finding their way north again today) Dom Brown went 0-for-4 today (0-for-9 in the spring). By my count, that makes him 2-for-38 between winter ball and spring training. So much for that offseason progression. Yay Ben Francisco!

– Dr. David Rubenstein told the WIP Morning Show today that Utley's injury is likely not severe and shouldn't affect his hitting, since the tendinitis is in his "lead leg" not his trailing leg, which does most of the pushing. I'll buy that. But given the fact that Davey Lopes alluded to Utley having a knee problem last year, I'm not convinced it's just going to go away. Tendinitis has the habit of recurring over and over again. Phil? Phil Connors?

Video of Doc after the jump.

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18 Responses

  1. Come on Dom Brown… step it the fuck up! I can tell you right now his MAJOR problem is he is late on everything. He is seriously swinging like he has been playing in a league with pitchers who throw 60MPH… He will be fine once he gets hit timing down

  2. Ben Francisco>Jason Werth…just wait…and remember who told you first.
    Ben Francisco
    25+ HR’s
    80+ RBI’s
    20+ Steals
    He’s got a triple and homer already down there at ST. Dom Brown will barely play this year if he doesn’t figure it out quick.

  3. i think he meant that the pain comes from the pushing movement, the flexing of knee, which comes from back leg. i’m inclined to believe him, i had the same injury in hs- back leg. hurt like hell to swing.

  4. No worries about Uts. Pateller tendonitis would be terrible if this was a sport that put more pressure on his legs like basketball…or anything involving jumping. Dude lives in the gym. A week or so off with some rest and he’ll be turning on inside fastballs in no time.

  5. I get that there is obviously more bend in his back leg when he swings but the importance of hitting against a stiff front leg is huge.
    @face….as a middle infielder you are constantly moving and backing up plays, etc. It’s not like he stands still all game. And the fact dude lives in the gym is part of the reason why he’s aging so quickly. He’s 33 going on 84.

  6. @Face…..Couldn’t agree more dude. I’ve been saying the same thing. What did Jayson Werth do before he got a chance here…..nothing. Give Ben a chance, in this lineup, in this ballpark, and he’ll have a great year. We obviously still have a month, but so far Ben & Dom are making the Phils choice easy in right field.

  7. They need an OF in 2012 when Ibañez leaves as a free agent. So, if Brown is not ready in 2011, it’s not such a big deal. If Francisco works out this year, they could take their time w/ Brown, and have an OF of Brown-Francisco-Vicdtorino in 2012.

  8. I find it hard to believe Dom just went splat. I think they are rushing him and he feels the pressure. one more year in the minors. Let Ben have a try as a regular.

  9. I would agree that Dom might well be pressing. Still, it’s early, I’d give Brown all the bats he can handle so everyone can find out for sure if he’s ready for The Show or needs more seasoning in the minors.
    Meanwhile, the notion of Doc Halladay having something up his sleeve is quite scary indeed.

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