Eskin Sword Fights with Daily News Writers

Howard Eskin is just on a roll with making himself even more enemies than he already has.

Two weeks ago, he needlessly called out Roy Halladay out for not being accessible to the media. Halladay, to his credit, has spoken with several media outlets since the season ended. He just hasn't spoken to Howard.

On Friday, Eskin had Rams head coach Steve Spagnulo on his show, which was broadcasting live from radio row in Dallas. Yesterday, Eagles beat writer Paul Domowitch, also in Dallas, wrote a story with quotes from Spagnulo talking about the Eagles promotion of Juan Castillo. Eskin believes those quotes were stolen from his radio interview.

On his Twitter:

The quotes in Philly on line from St Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnulo came from MY interview with Spags on 610 WIP on Friday afternoon .

Glad I could help and inquirer with the quotes from rams head coach concerning Juan Castillo.


A bold accustation. One which Paul Domowitch disagrees with:

How to put this nicely: Howard Eskin is a scumbag and he'd be wise not to get near me.


Phillies beat writer David Murphy does an excellent job of breaking down the quotes on his blog and goes as far as to call Eskin a test tube baby…

Sometime yesterday evening, Howard Eskin — or somebody using a Twitter account under his name — publicly accused Daily News football writer Paul Domowitch of lifting an interview of Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo from 610-WIP and passing it off as his own. For those of you who may not be familiar with Eskin, he used to host a popular sports radio talk show in Philadelphia. If that still does not ring a bell, he's the guy you will occasionally see holding a microphone behind Andy Reid on the sidelines at Eagles games, the one who  bears a slight resemblance to something you might get if Chewbacca and Conan O'Brien produced a test tube baby.



I've said this before and I'll say it again: I generally think Howard's style, which cuts through the crap so many PR folks feed to the media, is a breath of fresh air in this city. That probably puts me in the minority, but it's the truth. However, lately, Howard has been completely wrong in his accustations against the top athlete in the city and one of the more respected beat writers around.

His piece on Halladay came across as nothing more than a jealous rant on someone who wouldn't give him the time of day. And now, this public accusation against Domowitch, who would have no incentive to steal unsourced quotes from the radio, appears to be an equally unfounded claim. Before publicly criticizing people, one needs to make sure their accusations are accurate. Even if it is an attention getting move, it casts a shadow of doubt on respected individuals like Halladay and Domowitch.

Of course, anything that leads to a David Murphy Chewbacca reference is a win in my book.


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  1. Howard Eskin is a scumbag….his radio show sucked and he sucks and he can continue to suck…..on mah balls!

  2. Burger King Eskin is a thunder-cunt. I agree that his no-crap style is refreshing sometimes. His knowledge and information are generally pretty good (except when it comes to Hockey), and he doesn’t get sucked into PR media nonsense. He also thinks things over and doesn’t immediately jump to conclusions simply because he’s a homer. However, time and time again he just says and does things that are completely unacceptable (I’m still never going to get over him wearing a Blackhawks hat in studio the day after they won the cup over the Flyers), and flush any notion of journalistic integrity and quality down the shitter. Hes a pompous asshat that makes a living off of being a jerkoff to his callers and colleagues and the vast majority of Philly sports fans fucking hate him. The only reason anyone listens to his show is because of Ike Reese anyway. WIP would be wise to dump his ass at the earliest possible convenience.

  3. His knowledge and info are generally pretty good?? Have you ever heard him try and talk about baseball outside of Philly? How about other football teams? He hates on fantasy, yet if he gave it even half a look he would be able to speak so much more intelligently. He may ask some good questions and have some good sources, but overall he knows much less than most of the diehard fans that make up this area. I’d love to see some sort of sports quiz given out to all of our radio hosts. The morning show guy would be lucky to hit on 25% of the questions.

  4. Ugh, I am so sick of Eskin. I feel like he is doing anything to make him and his show relevant, even if it means attracting negative attention to himself. His ratings are dropping like flies and even his NBC 10 show sucks.
    When will people just pay him no mind and not even bring his name up?

  5. Between this jackass in the afternoon and Cataldi in the morning, whose show has become nothing more than an old pervert being really creepy to, & talking about, younger women, WIP is almost unlistenable to nowadays. Thank God for the Prof, the Cous & Diddy when they come on.

  6. Good work from Murphy. But really Eskin is doing this to try make his name relevant again. So the best approach by everyone would be to just flat out ignore him. He’s just not important to the sports landscape of Philly anymore. These are desperate measure from an asshole. Just move along.

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