Flyers Beat the Predators in Front of All Their Dads

Womp womp.

CRL (Carts, Richie, Leino – Costa Rica Line when up front on the power play- credit Stevie Why) dominated the ice tonight, as Carts notched an early goal before Leino added two third period goals to seal the deal.

Stevie Why has the story and the highlights are after the jump. But before we get there, Jim Jackson really wanted Keith Jones to use the telestrator:

I really need to get out of my basement more.

Hop it.

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6 Responses

  1. The JJ/Jonesy/Coatsey team is always the best listen. Clement has the knowledge when he’s on, but these guys thrown together are hilarity.

  2. you didn’t come up with the LSD line name Josh, good try though.
    on a serious note, It’s Always Money in Villedelphia

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