Flyers Hit Nine Year High on CSN Last Night


This town is Flyered-up.

Last night's Flyers-Lightning game was the most watched Flyers game on Comcast Sportsnet since October 22, 2002 vs. Buffalo. The game received a 3.7 household rating, meaning 112,000 homes were tuned into the game. That number peaked 152,000 at 10:15 P.M., just in time to see the Flyers win in a shootout.

This doesn't even approach the 500,000 homes that were tuned into the Phillies last September, but it shows that we're ready for a playoff run. The Flyers rating in February on CSN, 2.8, is a 40% increase over last February. That's what a Stanley Cup run and the number one ranking in the NHL will do for you.


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  1. The strike of 05′ killed the NHL, and people are just now starting to come back to it.
    Just wait till next year when there’s no football. The NHL will post monstross numbers.

  2. Impressive. Still, Comcast (a.k.a. The Evil Empire) would’ve had even bigger numbers if they’d only stop being such greedy, monopolistic assholes and allow local satellite subscribers like myself to have access to Sportsnet. Just sayin’.

  3. DirecTV does have center ice, but comcast blocks the games from being aired in philly if they are on CSN.. so buying center ice isn’t worth it if you’re expecting to see the flyers. Believe me it sucks– but it is how I justify going out for every game.

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