Flyers Take in Villanova Game, Announcer Woefully Mispronounces Most of Their Names


Mike Richards, Dan Carcillo, James van Riemsdyk, and Claude Giroux were in attendance at last night's Villanova game against Marquette.

The absolute highlight was when Charlie Neal of ESPNU attempted to relay the names he was being given in his ear to the rest of us: James van Girouxdyk. That video, after the jump.

Oh and if you're wondering if Mike Richards was wearing his Yankees hat again. He was.

Richards_yankees_hatEveryone else looks like they're in a fucking horror movie

Hop it for the hilarity.


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  1. Who gives a shit if he’s wearing a Yankees hat. He’s not being fucking paid to wear a Phillies hat, he’s being paid to put/help put the puck in the net.

  2. Dan Carceelo.
    Van… Giroux… Dyke.
    That was painful to listen to. It’s a small miracle that he didn’t somehow butcher Richards’ name.

  3. PS: It’s nice to see Briere letting “James van Girouxdyk” have a boys night out.
    But where’s Carter? Is he finally with the puck bunny?
    Or, is he with a Flyers Ice Girl?
    No matter who, James Niggly must be jealous because the only Cartering that he ever gets to do is with Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters.

  4. Car-bomb looks like he’s ready to go hold up a gas station.
    Busy night for the boys…car show, Nova game, sorority party.
    Pretty much equates a blow out loss tonight!

  5. richards probably doesnt even know what baseball is, he just bought the hat because yankees hats are “fashionable” i suppose

  6. how do you become a tv announcer without being able to read? i’m not sure whether to laugh or smh

  7. Don’t worry, Richie will jump on the Phillies bandwagon once he realizes they are the unquestioned Juggernaut of baseball. I doubt he could name one player on the Yankees not named Jeter, or ARod.
    If he brings us that cup he can wear a pink skirt with Dallas Cowboys stars all over it and i won’t give a rats ass.

  8. richards goes to phillies games all the time with carter, he just likes the blue hat who cares

  9. yo the people who post comments on here are mad funny. the carbomb holding up a gas station one was funny as fuck

  10. In case anyone was wondering I’ve seen Richards and Carter and a ton of other Flyers at numerous Phillies games all through out the summer sporting Phillies gear. Like the guy said before, he prob doesn’t even know better and thought is was a “cool” blue hat to wear.

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