Getting to Know Kris Versteeg

By now you have all seen Kris Versteeg's locker room rap video, but he goes much, much deeper than that.

In about seven minutes on YouTube, you can find videos of Versteeeeegy rapping, talking about his nickname- which is Bitch– climbing over the counter at a diner in his hockey equipment, shooting a commericial, playing roller hockey in his home town with the Stanley Cup in attendance, and other assorted antics.

Incredibly, he manages to pull all of this off without seeming like even a little bit of a douche. That's an achievement right there. He also seems to only grant interviews to attractive females, too. Tim Panaccio better put on his fuck me boots if he wants the scoop. 

Yeah, this dude's going to fit right in with Carts. High alert in Sea Isle this summer if Versteeg joins Carter's party.


In the fall, Versteeg showed off his $150,000 Audi R8 in the Toronto Star. Earlier this month, the same car was vandalized, as someone spit and scribbled messages all over it. But Versteeg took the high road, despite just having had his prized possession spat on by fans who throw waffles on the ice. What a hell hole Toronto is.

Only negative? He hangs out in limos with a shirtless Patrick Kane.

Many more videos… after the jump.


And Versteeg before his first game as a Flyer, while Mike Richards cracks what sounds like a masturbation joke to whoever was holding the camera for Calkins Media.



7 Responses

  1. seems like a cool dude, him and richards meshed really well last night creating a lot of scoring chances. he’ll be inducted into the carts/richie bro-club soon enough

  2. what did richie say? sounded like something about a “personal collection” but i don’t quite get the masturbation reference…?

  3. Dude seems like a good guy in watching this stuff…however my opinion will ultimatly change once I see him hitting on my girlfriend at the OD this summer

  4. I really like this guy and think he will be a great fit! he totally screams “philly guy” i just hope he works well with whoever he is paired up with…….

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