So We’re Fairly Certain Eric Snow Fell Asleep During Wednesday’s Sixers Game


Yeah, the Eric Snow experiment isn't going so well. Listen at the 1:00 mark.


Zoo: You meditating?

Snow: Naw, I thought I was.. trying to stay awoke. You have some people that, you know, kind of wear on you.

Zoo: I hear you.

Snow: They're gonna get you a little sleepy. So you yougetta you have to get your burst of energy. That's how it is with basketball too.

Zoo: Well listen…

Snow: No, I'm saying sometimes when you hear people talking in the huddle, and they be like blah blah blah and then the game starts and you go OK, time to go.

Zoo: Then you snap to attention…

Snow: It's no different when you're on the sidelines.

What the hell?

Poor Zumoff. At some point he's just going to go ballistic and kill Snow. First he had to put up with this belligerent exchange, now he has to put up with sleepy Snow? Poor guy.

Even better, this comes on the same day that CSN announced Sixers ratings are up 27% over January to 1.9. Sixers basketball- feel the excitement!

H/T 7th and Pattison 


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  1. yeah eric snow just cant do anything right…its an accomplishment knowing that he got this far in life what a shame

  2. The Pittsburgh Penguins: Your favorite NHL team would be that good too if they had as many first and second overall picks as the Pens did from 03-06 says:

    Zoo is pretty much the only reason why I watch the sixers

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